Change Your Life 14 Day Camp Wander Challenge!

May 05, 2020

Change Your Life 14 Day Camp Wander Challenge!

Take the Camp Wander Challenge!
Just 14 days, that's it! ūüĆŅ14 days of small, beautiful, daily actions that can impact your life and¬†everyone around you for the better!
For the next 14 days I challenge you to simply touch your essential oils and essential oil salves in some way 3x daily or more but at least 3x. Need some ideas?
1. Diffuse essential oils in your home, be sure to use an Essential Oil Blend or, combine 2 or more single EOs for more benefits. Remember, the benefits of EOs increase when 2 or more oils are combined, this is called synergy, it's also science. More chemical compounds are created by blending 2 or more essential oils. Diffuse at home for immunity boost, mood management and to purify the air of airborne pathogens.
2. Pain Relief: Reach for your EOs & Salves FIRST! Put away OTC pain relievers like Advil, Aleve, Tylenol for 14 days, let your body detox from dependency and learn to rely on a natural source of relief. Nerve Pain & Block, Muscle Ease, Jeddy's, Lemongrass Salves and CBD+ Cream are great options!
3. Bedtime Rituals: Try massaging sleep inducing Camp Wander Salves on the bottoms of your feet at bedtime to also boost immunity while getting the rest you need to stay healthy. Dreamy Sleep, Jeddy's, Lullaby, Serenity Blue Salves are all great options! 2 droppers full of our CBD Oil before brushing teeth absolutely does it for me! #ZZZZ
4. Protection: Lightly swabbing nasal passages with a CW Salve like Immunity Impact or Airway Respiratory Salves before leaving the house can help guard against airborne pathogens, our Cold & Flu Ease Hand Sanitizer is a must too these days!
5. Beauty: Remember what goes on your skin enters the bloodstream, it's important to reduce the toxin load and protect immunity by using natural ingredients to moisturize, tighten and cleanse. Anti Age with Rose Salve, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Ultimate Skin Serum, all nice options!
6. Sharing time! Share and inspire your friends with your daily EO rituals - we learn much more collectively than apart :)
I'm so excited to hear about your results! 14 days of small changes for a big impact, your impact! ūüĆŅPlease send me an email, I'd love to hear from you!¬†

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