The CBD Canine Companion Guide

November 01, 2019

The CBD Canine Companion Guide

If you're a dog Mom like me, chances are you want nothing but the best for your favorite furball, the sweetest, smartest companion a girl could ask for!

Whether your pup is a youngster or a senior, CBD can be a great addition as a daily supplement for fostering optimum wellness - this goes for their humans too!

Interesting fact!

All mammals - dogs included - have an existing endocannabinoid system in their bodies. Every animal with a spinal column has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which scientists estimate evolved more than 600 million years ago and has been carried forward across the millennia. This ancient system—discovered through the work of several researchers between roughly 1965 and 1995—is named for Cannabis sativa L., the plant species that most dramatically affects it. Its basic functions have been summarized as to “relax, eat, sleep, forget and protect.”

To do this, the ECS maintains the body’s internal balance through a network of activators and receptors that most notably affect the central nervous system and the immune system. Cannabinoids are the ECS’s messengers, and their effects depend on the receptors to which they bind.

This is a very specific process; a receptor will only accept the particular compound for which it exists, and is unaffected by others. Research shows that cannabinoid receptors are similar across species, functioning much the same way in dogs as they do in people, although dogs have far more receptors in their brains than any other animal tested (including humans). 


AND! an added bonus, our CBD oil of choice from Bluebird Botanicals is blended with olive oil, known to improve dryness, add luster to their coat and help relieve itchy skin.

As we've noted before, CBD hemp extracts are guaranteed to contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC, no unwanted psychoactive effects - not to worry! However, that very small amount of THC is beneficial and contributes to the entourage effect because whole plant medicine matters as represented in the wheel below.

Based on my own experience with our 165 lb male Newfoundland who sadly presented with elbow dysplasia as a puppy, we know how life changing this particular CBD oil can be. That is why I chose to support this brand and make it available to you, I stand behind the game changers in this world.

Back to our big guy, Camp became so riddled with pain even trying his best, he couldn't make it a block before he was in so much pain he had to lay down and no one could budge him to stand up - we simply waited until he felt strong enough to turn around and slowly walk back home. I knew not to put him on rimadyl, a NSAID or it's generic, this pain reliever destroyed the liver of one of our Newfies a few years earlier. My journey with CBD had begun.

Several days after we added 12 drops of Complete (CBD oil) to his dinner every night we had a romping bear on our hands again! Soon he could hike with us, trotting and goofing off all the way - I'll be forever grateful for the God given gift of cannabis!


How to administer

As mentioned above, we chose to introduce Camp to CBD in his food dish as a daily wellness protocol to keep the pain and inflammation he suffered from in check. 

However, if your canine companion has romped especially hard I wouldn't hesitate to give an extra dose when needed! Don't be shy about simply emptying a dropper of CBD oil in the palm of your hand, chances are your pup will lick it right up! CBD is non addictive with no known adverse effects.

Customizing your CBD oil

Upon learning about the benefits of adding Frankincense essential oil to CBD I customized our CBD by adding 30 drops of Frankincense to out 1 oz bottles of CBD oil - double for 2 oz. With all the incredible anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and beyond, research on Frank this was a no brainer daily dose for all of us.

FYI - you might be interested in this testimonial to CBD + Frankincense:

"You gave wonderful advice when my pup was diagnosed with lyme disease. I started him on CBD oil and frankincense. What a find. He's doing so much better."  - Cathi

I hope this short post on the benefits of CBD oil - high quality, batch tested, tested for glyphosate CBD oil inspires you to incorporate it into your lifestyle, furbabies, kids and adults alike! Remember, do your own due diligence, so you too will have the confidence to step into the next chapter of plant medicine safely and sanely.