Top Ten Fourth of July Pet Tips and Preps

June 21, 2018


Summer is here and so is firework madness as we get closer to Independence Day. I live in Wyoming where fireworks are legal but I'd love to say otherwise. As a dog lover, I'm not a fan, fireworks are just too stressful for our sweet, sensitive animals so before you make plans for the 4th consider these preps for your pup!

1. Don't take your dogs to a firework extravaganza - keep them at home

Pets don't get excited about loud kabooms, bright flashes and whizzing whistles like people do, they're terrified of them. In fact, animal shelters are often overwhelmed with lost animals that good souls pick up and bring in the day after.

2. Stay home with your best friends, they'd do the same for you

If anyone knows about unconditional love, it's our animals. Live up to that kind of love and let them hang out with you inside.

3. Never lock your animals in a car - never ever - not even for just a few minutes

Animals can quickly suffer from brain damage and heat stroke, the car is not an option.

4. Make sure your pets are tagged - ID is imperative, especially on the Fourth

An ID with their name and your number will make it easier to find them should the unimaginable happen.

5. The evening of firework celebrations apply CW Jeddy's Salve on paws an hour ahead of time

This is a very mellow essential oil blend in a pure, food grade salve base that's grounding and calming to animals and humans alike. It's also proven helpful for anxiety and PTSD challenges, even TMJ symptoms. Keep Jeddy's Salve in mind for grooming and vet appointments too, early application can make those experiences much easier for you both! Safe for licking too.

6. This is for you!

Massage Jeddy's Salve on the back of your neck and over shoulders to soldier on and show your little loves how calm you are and that all is well.

7. Keep your besties well hydrated during the day and fresh water available at night

It's always a wise to be hydrated before and during stressful states, start early in the day and keep fresh water available before and after fireworks.

8. Turn it up!

We stay home on the Fourth and turn up the volume on the TV or play soothing music just a little bit louder during the HOURS the valley is lighting fireworks, ugh.

9. For the campers among us - be extra prepared 

If fireworks are near, keep your pet on a leash and by your side, please don't let them bolt into the woods alone. Always pack a jar of Pet Friendly Salve along in case of sunburned noses, bites, rashes, scrapes or cuts. With added Lavender and Frankincense essential oils (Melaleuca free), it's lovely for the humans in your pack too!

10. Praise the heck out of them

They'll quickly come to understand that all is well and you will be there for them in their time of need.