Warming Pain Blend with Emu Oil

October 07, 2019

pain relief

The more I use it the more I appreciate Emu oil. On a basic level, Emu has hormone-like compounds called Eicosanoids that trigger the body to increase blood flow to an area also encouraging cells to soften their outer membrane to allow more oxygen in and more toxins out. These two factors encourage skin health and deep penetration to the dermis where new cells are generated - making it an EXCEPTIONAL carrier oil for essential oils, especially pain blends.

I started using Emu oil when I read about its ability to promote root stimulation for hair growth. I created a blend of Emu oil and essentials oils; Root Stimulating Hair Growth Serum for my thinning hair and loved the results. It's absorbs quickly into my skin and scalp and a little goes a long way!

Another special attribute of Emu oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 - Omega 9 is the major fatty acid and responsible for quick transport of bioactive compounds into the skin and deep penetration. Its overall composition is very close to our own skin's fatty acid composition. Soooo now that you have a basic background on Emu oil let me just say that I realize it's not vegan-friendly but because it's a by-product of the Emu meat industry, I feel it's sustainable. If you want an alternative, please consider organic rosehip seed oil.

For this particular pain blend, I chose warming oils like Black Pepper and Clove that Emu Oil can take deep into the tissues of sore muscles joined by the cooling and pain relieving properties of the essential oils Birch and Peppermint. I also added Helichrysum for its renowned healing properties, but you could substitute Frankincense as well.

Warming Pain Blend with Emu Oil
A pain blend of essential oils combined with deep skin penetrating properties of Emu oil -
Important to note:
  1. Note: Omit Birch if allergic to aspirin or on blood thinners.
If you know me at all, you know I have a passion for finding natural alternatives that enhance our use of essential oils, Emu oil is quickly becoming one of my go-to products. I'll let you in on a little secret, I now use Emu oil in my Ultimate Skin Serum! Emu oil also has the ability to thicken skin, reportedly 14% if used twice a day. For my face, my scalp and the back of my hands {because nothing shows your age like dry, wrinkly, sun-spotted hands} I consistently use Emu oil along with my favorite age-defying EOs!