World's Best Earache Blend

March 13, 2014

World's Best Earache Blend

This is a wonderful blend of essential oils for the "common earache". Common: meaning the infection hasn't reached the acute stage. This is the time to strike, at the onset of a tender ear, low grade fever or even a sore throat.

For a long time, most doctors would prescribe antibiotics for kids and adults with ear infections but new studies show that it doesn't necessarily help and doctors are wising up. Now the trending treatment is to let the ear infection run its course attending to discomfort with NSAIDS.

But I prefer another alternative to that school of thought. I prefer to use three essential oils together and they are: Lavender, as it helps with drainage. If the ear canal is congested or blocked in any way, Lavender is a good addition. Melaleuca has strong anti-microbial properties and because there might be reduction in the lymphatic outflow from the eustachian tube, allowing fluid to build up in the middle ear, this situation can create an inviting environment for bacteria, virus and fungus and Melaleuca is the ticket for that. Sweet Basil has many of the same properties as Melaleuca with added expectorant properties too. Please note:  Do not drip pure essential oils directly into the ear canal, a topical application is all that's needed. 

World's Best Ear Ache Blend
Topical application
  • 10 ml Roller Bottle
  1. Add the essential oils to bottle first then top off with organic rosehip seed carrier oil. Tip upside down gently to blend. Using a cotton ball, roll the blend over a small enough piece of the cotton ball to saturate. Wipe the inside of ear, back of ear and down both jawlines with this blend.
  2. Apply every 15 minutes if needed. Continue every 3 hrs as symptoms subside then 3x daily for 3 days.

Safe for toddlers, adults and even your family dog (which I've done more than once), it's a gentle remedy but powerful especially when used in small amounts and often.