Equilibrium Blend

Equilibrium is our amazing homeostasis blend that smells so incredible you just might call it perfume!

Homeostasis: "the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes."

Apply diluted blend topically to the Mastoid bone located behind both earlobes daily or as needed to assist in keeping the vagus nerve clear.

As women, our lives are busy, we may have the disease to please and we often put others before ourselves, robbing ourselves of precious equilibrium. When we’re tipping, swaying, spinning it’s time to pay more attention to that lovely being, you! Begin with Equilibrium daily to address toxin buildup, blockages and other imbalances. May also help ease cluster headaches, inflammation/infection, earaches, stress.

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Copaiba, Clove Bud, Frankincense, Lime


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Rhonda Spencer
All Camp Wander Products

I have a whole bag full of blends I use daily to function without medication. I use equilibrium, diction, headache buster (as needed), tumeric/black powder, cod w/nerve and pain block, cold and flu ease, Jeddy’s Blend is my favorite for many reasons and especially in the winter for Raynald Sudrome in my fingers. I have all of the products and would highly recommend these to anyone and everyone! The best products that work. I take zero medication!

Amy Taylor
Smells amazing!

I can’t get enough of Camp Wander products. This one smells amazing and I believe the quality is very high. I have autoimmune issues, tend to get migraines, nausea etc. Lots of health issues. Hard to tease out what is doing what, but I feel much better trying something natural to avoid a pill. The smell makes me feel so calm and relaxed. No complaints whatsoever.

Vicki Haab

Have not seen any real relief yet.

Maylyn Fleming
Equilibrium Blend

I have been using this blend behind my ear to stimulate my Vegas Nerve, and I always feel so good when I use it.

Evelyn Johansen
Equilibrium Blend

I had a bout of vertigo about a month ago and felt light headed ever since. I have been using this blend since I got it and the light headedness is 90% better. I also appreciate the freebies I got with my order.

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