Anti Age Salve with Rose



Anti-Age with Rose

This is a personal favorite and one I keep on hand for both face and body moisturizing. Hand crafted with Lavender, Frankincense, Cypress and Rose essential oils this skin care product is a super healer, rejuvenator, a toner and, an infection fighter with anti-inflammatory properties. Feel the benefits of the regenerative properties of pure essential oils and the moisturizing properties of coconut oil.

TWO PACK jars – 2 ounces each.

Shelf life is approximately 18 months.




Customer Reviews

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Wouldn't be w/o it!

I rarely write reviews, but I just had to sing the praises of this wonderful product. I will be 72 years old in 2 weeks. I recently had a dermatology appointment with a new (young & handsome) dermatologist. Honest to goodness ... he walked into the room and said "I'm not sure this is the right room! They told me I was seeing a 71 year old." Insert my "happy blush here"! He then said "I would swear that you were 14 to 15 years younger than you say you are." I've been using the "Anti-aging with Rose" salve for years now and have always felt good about the condition of my skin. I actually get compliments quite often about my complextion so I'm going say thank you and give credit to Camp Wander's wonderful product! (p.s. I'm a huge fan of a ton of your other products as well. ie: Immunity Impact used daily, all through "C-19" while working interpreting at a high school)

Janet Murchison
Beautiful Rose

Love the feel of the salve and the smell. It makes my skin feel so good!

Janice H.
Love it!

It's the best face lotion I've ever used!
I used to make it myself and used it for a number of years then became ill and could no longer make it. So now I'm getting it from you! Frankincense is so good for the face and skin.

Awesome product

A bit heavy but using it as a night time moisturizer makes it perfect! As a Camp Wander newbie I am thrilled with the options and can’t wait to try them all!

Glenda Lpz

I use it almost daily to keep my 45 year old face hydrated. I also use it on my lips and hands or any dry spot as needed. This is my second purchase for the Anti Age salve with Rose.

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