Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens

Origin - Spain

For external use

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Cypress essential oil is one of my favorites! Young green tips are pruned and distilled to yield a truly special oil that's a well-known astringent (great for skin) and can be useful for circulatory and respiratory issues. This essential oil can ease the pain of aching muscles or menstrual cramps and it's wonderful in an alcohol-free witch hazel compress to treat hemorrhoids.

Peter Holmes, in The Energetics of Western Herbs indicates that Cypress Essential Oil regulates menstruation and menopause, increases hormones, that Cypress’s comprehensive action—endocrine, neural and tissular—engages in a number of gynecological conditions characterized by blood congestion, fluid congestion, and tension. He recommends its use for heavy periods, intermenstrual bleeding, even for fibroids and cysts, endometritis, and for gynecological conditions arising from emotional causes.

Diluted, a topical application of Cypress on the abdomen may help bedwetters make it through the night.

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