Summer Skin Spray

May 27, 2014

Summer Skin Spray


Summer Skin Spray takes the scorch out of summer because let's be honest, wandering outdoors may feed the mind, body and soul but it can wreak havoc on skin!  Hydrate and heal after your days in the sun in one easy step with a quick spray of my favorite anti-aging essential oils combined with a cool and refreshing blast of rose water.  P.S. Keep your Summer Skin Spray in the cooler for added AHHHHH! So what is this essential oil combination?  Frankincense, Cypress and Lavender!  This is the blend of essential oils I use in my Anti-Age Salve, it's also affectionately known as DIY Immortelle.  Your sun-drenched skin will indeed benefit from their anti-inflammatory, regenerative, firming and soothing properties.  There's one other component to the healing and hydration of Summer Skin Spray...


Summer Skin Spray

Rose Water

Those with dry skin sometimes use rose water as a moisturizer. The idea behind this is that sugars found in rose petals add to rose water's soothing effect, and its natural oils trap moisture in the skin, helping it feel and look smoother. Some experts even believe that rose water plays a role in reducing damage from sun exposure. Too much sun destroys elastin, the fibers that give your skin its ability to stretch. When those fibers break down, they cause your skin to lose firmness and sag. There's some evidence that rose water may help decrease damage to the skin's elastin fibers and prevent wrinkles, but researchers are still testing this theory. Additionally, and most obviously, rose water smells like bliss!  This lovely perfume and its healing, rejuvenating effects make rose water a potentially valuable addition to your skin care regimen -- whether used on its own or in toners, creams and lotions.

Looking for some versatility? Summer Skin Spray can double as a natural deodorant.

Summer Skin Spray
Author: Camp Wander
Hydrate and heal with a quick spritz of this Rose infused spray!
  1. Add essential oils to an empty glass bottle, add Rose Water to fill. Topical application to body and face, even scrapes or blemishes as needed.
  2. Note: serves nicely as a deodorant alternative too!

Now go outside, be wise, be kind and keep your EOs nearby!