Flower Water - Rose

A gentle remedy that offers an immense array of benefits to all skin types. Simple, gentle yet powerful flower waters have been used for millennia to bring harmony and serenity to skin and spirit. Daily use tones, hydrates and plumps skin while balancing pH and delivering therapeutic compounds from the plant.

Absolutely luscious first thing in the morning to tone and wake up your skin, as a hair rinse, deodorant, lovely in your diffuser and its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory therapeutic uses are many - beneficial on skin breakouts and rashes.

Rosa damascena

Origin: Bulgaria

2 oz glass spray bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kimberly Rountree
Great Refresher and Toner

I love all of the CW flower waters but my favorite is the Rose water. It is a great toner for after washing my face but before applying moisturizer. It is also great for a refreshing spritz after being out in the sun. It smells wonderful, very soft and subtle. This is a must have!!

Michelle Roddam

Wonderful fragrance om my pillow.

Gentle to my skin

Rose Water should be in every women purse. Very refreshing, gentle to the skin, smell fresh and leave the skin soft.

Beth Sova
Rose water

I’m using it on a surgical site as doc does not want salves on it yet. It relieves the tight feeling and reduced the scabbing. I’ve been spritzing on face for anxiety from pain etc with surgery. It’s refreshing.

Love this Toner

I love this toner. It’s so refreshing and good for my skin.

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