All Purpose Healing Salve

This is the original CW Healing Salve from which many variations of salve have been born! The original workhorse all purpose healing salve with so many benefits. This special healing balm is gentle enough for baby's diaper rash and Fido's hot spots, yet powerful enough to encourage healing and protect against infection of wounds and  burns. All Purpose Healing Salve soothes itching skin and psoriasis breakouts.


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All Purpose Healing Salve



Customer Reviews

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Cyndi Calvert
My go to salve from psoriasis to wounds

It’s my favorite salve. It helps heal my skin when I have a psoriasis spot, it takes some time but heals the skin. I also used it on surgery incisions & they healed very nicely, I can barely see a scar.

Marcia Garcia
Underarm bacterial infection

My husband had an underarm bacterial infection which was pink and raw. Instead of getting the prescription filled, he began using CW All-Purpose Healing Salve. It cleared up, hasn’t come back, and it’s been his deodorant of choice ever since. Side Note: I’ve been following, trusting and loving CW ever since your D and SN days.

Madeline Summers

it has helped a lot

Geneva Callan
I healed 50% faster with this product

My husband spilled boiling coffee grinds on his hand and received 2nd degree burn across all fingers and the back of his hand.

Two weeks later, his hand was almost fully recovered.

The All Purpose Healing cream is nothing short of miraculous and I am incredibly grateful for its power.

Carol Roberts Smith
All Purpose Healing Salve

I have not really used it yet. I just wanted it on hand for when I needed it.

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