Equilibrium Blend

Equilibrium is our amazing homeostasis blend that smells so incredible you just might call it perfume!

Homeostasis: "the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes."

Apply diluted blend topically to the Mastoid bone located behind both earlobes daily or as needed to assist in keeping the vagus nerve clear.

As women, our lives are busy, we may have the disease to please and we often put others before ourselves, robbing ourselves of precious equilibrium. When we’re tipping, swaying, spinning it’s time to pay more attention to that lovely being, you! Begin with Equilibrium daily to address toxin buildup, blockages and other imbalances. May also help ease cluster headaches, inflammation/infection, earaches, stress.

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Copaiba, Clove Bud, Frankincense, Lime


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Customer Reviews

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I received as part of my “surprise gift” a few weeks ago. I immediately blended it with a carrier oil and used it on my dog, instead of the salve twice a day. He seems to like that better, it’s quicker, easier. He continues to improve! Before his stroke he and I could easily walk 2 miles. Afterwards we went around the block and sat in the park. Today, about 6 weeks later, we walked 1.75 miles!! I’m also diffusing this for him, he must like it as he settles himself by the chair closest to the diffuser. I’m so happy to have my walking buddy back.

Excellence in a jar

As with every purchase from Camp Wander, I am so pleased with Equilibrium blend salve. It’s been an extremely busy and pressing season in our lives and Equilibrium, both the fragrance and the blend is calming and focusing. I enjoy using on chest/neck area as well as bottoms of feet or on wrist pulse points so I can enjoy,an extra moment of fragrance. +++++


Love it!!! It really makes a difference with my vertigo

Very effective product!

For me this oil has made a difference, and in a short time! Have been using for about two weeks and can tell that my moodiness is better. I put it on in the morning before work and then anytime I’m feeling stressed or anxious and w/ in a short time I have a calmness that allows me to move ahead. Very pleased with how this oil is helping even out some of the menepausal hormonal mood swings. Will definitely repurchase!


I originally bought Equilibrium for myself as I have vertigo so bad, but then because I loved it so much, I bought for my mother who has dementia and Meniere's. I think it has helped mother with her balance and not to be so unsteady. I was so excited when CW first brought this blend out to try it. I love this and use it every day on myself and my mother. I have been very pleased with all of the products I've tried from CW and the quality of their ingredients.

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