Immunity Impact Salve


Our Immunity Impact Salve gives you the convenience of a pre-diluted essential oil blend with the healthy advantage of a nutrient packed, organic salve base. Topical application is quick and coverage is even, the aroma is herbal and spice and it's easy to apply - in fact, it's spill proof!

Applying Immunity Impact Salve is a convenient protocol to use before school, work or play to help defend against cold and flu. A quick massage across the bottoms of feet is all it takes to make a difference. We also love the versatility of this salve as an antimicrobial hand sanitizer, for bug bite relief, cold sores and wound care.

Remember, coconut oil will melt at 76 degrees, store in a cool place for best results.


All Organic Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

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Immunity Salve

I have been using the Immunity Impact Salve every night on the bottoms of my feet since I received it [less than 2 weeks]. The salve itself has a pleasant odor, and is soothing for my feet. I don’t believe I’ve used it long enough to prove it’s immunity claims. Nevertheless, I’m happy with the product.

Jane Montgomery
Best Salve Ever!

My husband and I have used the Immunity Impact Salve for several years now. As we are both seniors, it’s very important to make sure we have a strong immunity. We are so thankful there is a natural remedy like this salve. We use a little on the bottoms of our feet daily, and, if there is a sniffle coming on, a bit in each nostril. We believe it has helped us tremendously. No colds, flu, etc. in the past few years. Thank you Camp Wander!!

Carol Roberts
I love this salve. In fact all of them work wonders.

So many uses for each and every salve I have purchased. So happy I found Camp Wander.

So glad I ordered this.

I'm loving it so far. The smell is so nice and relaxing for me. I try to add a light swabbing in each nostril every morning and I feel secure in the protection it gives me for any of those seasonal viruses that comes along.

Jon Bahrenburg

Immunity Impact Salve

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