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Finding hormonal balance is quest of many. When the endocrine system is overburdened with stress, toxins and less than optimal nutrition we can experience weight gain, mood swings, thinning hair, chronic discomfort, hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, lazy libido, you name it, it all begins with the thyroid.

"We are wising up and recognizing that more subtle changes in function can have significant health consequences. Remember, this is the master metabolism hormone that controls the function and activity of almost every organ and cell in your body. When it is sluggish or slow, everything slows down." Dr. Mark Hyman

Please read my Tired Thyroid blog post (click here) for more information on how the blend can be used and what results you might expect.




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LOVE this!

I started using this several months ago (thanks to a free sample!), and didn't realize how much it was helping me until my overnight bag was lost in China...along with my salves! I started having hot flashes, night sweats, memory issues. I felt moody & out of sorts. I was completely lost without it! I was so happy to get it and start using it again. I apply it first thing every morning, then again at night before I go to bed, and during the day if I feel like I need it. I'm thankful to have it.


Wonderful as all her products are

Function cream

So far good! Like it almost as much as Jeddy’s. Helps with anxiety. Nice aroma too.


I've been loving this salve! I'm 46, not menopausal yet but feel like we'll be getting there in the not so distant future...night sweats, memory loss, can't lose weight, no energy, just feeling "off", etc. etc. The first night I used this, I put this on my neck before bed and woke up to my shirt totally soaked in sweat. The next night, used it again and not as much sweat. The third night and fourth night even less. Since then (several weeks) basically the night sweats are gone, I'm sleeping better, and feeling more like myself. I really feel like it helped things "level off" - I'm not really sure how else to say it. I'm so glad I gave the Function salve a try and will continue to use this regularly. Thanks so much!

Not sure yet!

But I do think it helps with my power surges " hot flashes ". I have memory loss since menopause so I hope this helps with the fog and having to search your memory for answers you know that you know! Ugh! Thank you CW for the cannabis sativa salve it does help with my chronic pain =)

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