Comfrey Lavender Salve - Garden Exclusive

I've been harvesting huge baskets of comfrey leaves from the garden to create this beautiful, seasonal salve. We crush and steep the leaves in olive oil with lavender buds for days and days to create a nourishing, healing balm that long ago was to referred to as "knit bone" - traditionally comfrey has been used as a poultice for broken bones, contusions, sprains and bruises.

Medicinal Comfrey offers up it's gifts for approximately 12 weeks here in NW Wyoming. This is a seasonal offering from myself and my garden - to you!

1 ounce

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Customer Reviews

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Terri M
Love Comfrey Lavender Salve

Nothing works better for heat rash than this salve, it’s soothes and calms almost on contact. It’s smells so good, I use it on my hands, my elbows daily. After reading Barbara’s review I’m going to try it on my face tonight!

Kimberly Rountree

This Comfrey Lavender salve is very soothing to skin irritations. I recommend this salve to everyone. It’s great for rashes as well as bug bites. Just like all the other Camp Wander salves, serums, and oils you can trust that it’s good for your skin!!

Bernice Myers
Comfrey Lavender Salve

Feels amazing anywhere I use it especially on my lips.

Darla Gallagher
Comfrey Lavendar Salve

This has been so comforting for my neck area. In the winter it gets very dry and itchy and has been soothed tremendously.

Georgia Girl
One word - healing

This salve has made such a difference in my old, overused hands. It’s improved the texture of my skin so much in a short amount of time.
It’s been added to my kitchen cabinet to keep it handy. Highly recommend it.

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