Comfrey Lavender Salve - Garden Exclusive

I've been harvesting huge baskets of comfrey leaves from the garden to create this beautiful, seasonal salve. We crush and steep the leaves in olive oil with lavender buds for days and days to create a nourishing, healing balm that long ago was to referred to as "knit bone" - traditionally comfrey has been used as a poultice for broken bones, contusions, sprains and bruises.

Medicinal Comfrey offers up it's gifts for approximately 12 weeks here in NW Wyoming. This is a seasonal offering from myself and my garden - to you!

1 ounce

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Customer Reviews

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JuLee Dugan
My neglected Skin

I Love the smell and creamy feeling of the salve. All of my life I've not been concerned about my skin. My hands have been abused and with this salve I can see the healing.


Excellence is what Camp Wonder is all about, and this salve is no exception.
Love it and use daily.

Doris M
Great combo

I knew comfrey was good for wounds but never thought about using it on my face! Even my granddaughter loves this Comfrey Lavender salve. Hope your stock lasts!

Helder Carreiro
Great product

Works wonders

Kim Potts
Best ever for fever blisters & or viral skin outbreaks

Got the comfrey stick sample in order last yr. I had never had anything so healing(overnight) as this stick!! I sent an email asking for more. I did not get any reply & then outta the sky🤣came the email with this salve offer!
Order 2 & hopefully🤞🏻🤞🏻Is will remain a constant!

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