Cold & Flu Ease Salve

CW Cold & Flu Ease Salve is especially user-friendly for those who prefer not to use essential oils internally to shorten the duration of infection. It's also a great alternative for kids - mellowed by our pure salve base makes it easy to apply to bottoms of feet as needed.

Also available in an essential oil 10 ml bottle {HERE}

Shelf life for CW salve is approximately 8 to 10 months

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!

  • organic, unrefined coconut oil
  • organic olive oil
  • beeswax pastilles
  • organic, GMO free, Kosher certified vitamin e oil
  • organic rosehip seed oil
  • therapeutic oregano essential oil
  • therapeutic melaleuca essential oil
  • therapeutic clove bud essential oil
  • therapeutic cinnamon bark essential oil
  • therapeutic lavender essential oil
  • therapeutic lemon essential oil
  • therapeutic eucalyptus essential oil
  • therapeutic rosemary essential oil
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Cold & Flu Ease

A few days after this came in the mail my son stopped by with a cold. He had an important event the next evening and was concerned, he's a chef. I handed him Cold & Flue Ease, Airway, and Green Tea. When I talked to him the next day, I couldn't even tell he had a cold! I asked him how he felt, he said cold's all but gone and I feel fine! When I saw him again I gave him some Immunity Impact! I've never seen results like this with anything else we've used. The salves are so helpful. Thank you, Rebecca!

Cold & Flu

I really like the Cold & Flu. I took it on a three week vacation with me. I got a cold towards the end of it, so I put it on my feet and belly three times a day. My cold did last a while but it was only bad about five day, which was great for me. I think it was the new salve that helped so much.

Great product

I bought the cold & Flue Salve and the Airway. Love both of them for m sinuses and cold I had.

Cold and flu

I love love love your cold and flue ease as well as the immunity salve.

I wish I could give cold n flu more than 5 stars

Cold and flu has been a staple in our morning routines no matter whether it’s a school day or summer holiday. I have really seen my daughter getting stronger and having less episodes of cold or cough. A quick nasal swab and on to her feet before going to school and every morning when at home helps her. Thank your Rebecca @Camp wander.

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