Headache Buster Blend

There are those among us who need more than moderation for debilitating pain. I believe a strong EO blend used topically is safer than excess OTC meds for any amount of relief. Sometimes we need to be our own advocates and listen to our body rather than the chatter online.

That said, there are precautions to be aware of… Wintergreen and Birch should not be used if you are allergic to aspirin or on blood thinners. *Caution: People with epilepsy or aspirin sensitivity should avoid Birch and Wintergreen essential oil because of it’s high concentration of methyl salicylate. This oil should also be avoided during pregnancy. A patch test on your skin before using this blend topically is recommended.

Important to note: It’s very important to liberally dilute this blend – Headache Buster is potent for hard to handle headaches.

Headache Buster Blend was created by my sister Dori, who also brought us Original Jeddy's Blend, a incredibly effective blend of essential oils to ease the impact of anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, Asperger's, PTSD and TMJ.

Should this item be on backorder it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!

"I have no idea what I would do without this! It's always on me!" - Tricia

"I keep this in my purse and carry it with me ALWAYS!!!!" - Robin

“Headache blend = MIRACLE!!! Had a nasty headache all day. Took Excedrin, tried Lavender and Peppermint. Nothing worked. Today was awful! I was getting sick to my stomach from all the Excedrin then I noticed the bottle of the Headache Buster on my desk you left and tried it. I’m at Walmart now no headache. Amazing Thank you!!” – Jillee of OGT

10 ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

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Brenda Skorcz
Headache buster

I was at the start of getting a headache. I put some headache buster on my temples. Headache gone!

Cindy Lasich

I was so surprised and thrilled with this product! I've been having massive weather related headaches and I was worried about taking all the OTC meds. I figured this was worth a try and I'm so glad that I purchased it. I'll be buying more!

Rachel M.
Headache buster blend

I suffer from occasional migraines and this essential oil blend works wonders for them! The smell is amazing too! When I feel one starting, I rub some on my temples, the back of my neck and even under my nose to get the most benefit. I have one in my purse and next to my bed so I’m always prepared.

JuLee D
Ease the Pain

I have bad migrains and when I add Headache Buster Blend to the cocktail it eases the pain. When it hurts to touch my head I just inhale this blend. I carry this blend wherever I go


This headache buster has a rather pleasant smell and helps me lose a headache. Great stuff!

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