Sinus Buster Blend

This is an easy aromatic, antibiotic protocol to use when your sinuses are congested with infection.

Used accordingly this protocol is safe and effective. It will make your eyes water but oh it’s good to feel the sinuses open up again! Go slow, breathe in the herbal steam carefully.

For acute sinus issues, add 12 drops to a cup of steamy water, inhale through nose carefully several times. Diffuse water after it's cooled.

For topical, aromatic use - dietary standard


10 ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Angie Keese
Sinus Buster

I love this product! I never want to run out!

Lois Belanger
Sinus Buster

My allergies have been terrible this year, all year round, and definitely these last few weeks transitioning into fall have taken that to a new level, but sinus buster cleared the way.....a cup of steam and add sinus buster and deep breathing inhaling, helped me through the pounding headaches and sinus pressure. Love this and helped me clear up so much faster than I had expected!!!

Karen S Fluckiger

Looking forward to using your products

Wendy Birdsong
Sinus buster blend

I made the roller up. I used it and my daughter did too. I finally got something to work on my sinus. I've been hassled with my allergies since December. It works !!!!

sinus buster

I have suffered with sinus issues for months, As I breath in the steamed oil I get immediate relief. the sinus buster has relieved my sinus headaches.

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