All Purpose Healing Salve

This is the original CW Healing Salve from which many variations of salve have been born! The original workhorse all purpose healing salve with so many benefits. This special healing balm is gentle enough for baby's diaper rash and Fido's hot spots, yet powerful enough to encourage healing and protect against infection of wounds and  burns. All Purpose Healing Salve soothes itching skin and psoriasis breakouts.


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10 Ways to Use All Purpose Healing Salve & Recipe
Camp Wander All Purpose Healing Stick!
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All Purpose Healing Salve


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Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Finger infection over 3 mos healed

I struggled with an infected finger from gardening…had a thorn in it. Used neosporin or bactine & it eent on for over 3 months eith looking like healing then going back to infection. I even did two rounds of antibiotics. Finally broke down & bought this salve & right away it started to heal! It took about a week. This stuff is great!!

Bonnie Jensen
Great products

Always great service

Judi Vannest

Works great on my hands fir cracks and cover with gloves for sleep time. Good in mosquito bites

Kathy Weber
Healing on - and on - and on - with Camp Wander All Purpose Healing Salve!

After years of comparison shopping, Camp Wander's All Purpose Healing Salve remains our number 1 ‘go to’ for topical treatments of almost every kind of ailment. Heal on, Camp Wander! We love you!!!

Janet Brett
Always On Hand

Everyone in my home uses the All Purpose Salve. It has become a staple for us. It’s definitely a must have!

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