19 EO Life Tools - The Master List

May 30, 2014

19 EO Life Tools - The Master List


Thanks to a special request from Michelle, here's a list of my favorite EO tools and accessories, from bottles to witch hazel everything on this list helps me live my best EO life! Essential oils are amazing but like any well stocked kitchen, the right tools can make EO use a lot more convenient and even fun.  Over the years I've learned to rely on a few accessories that have helped me create a lifestyle of  health and wellness at home and, on the go.  Most are very affordable and a few might require some budgeting but all of my choices are tried and true, simple and organic.


GLASS JARS  I prefer glass when it comes to storing or using essential oils. I keep a large supply for all the Dreamy Sleep Salve and All Purpose Healing Salve that I share. I use 1, 2 and 4 oz glass jars

GLASS BOTTLES  I keep a dozen of three sizes: -  5/8 drams which are perfect for sharing samples -  5ml bottles for my purse pak (I never leave home without it!) -  15ml bottles for serums or blends.



ROLLER BOTTLES  I prefer glass roller bottles and keep a dozen or more on hand. Inevitably, someone in my family runs out or I need to share a blend or blog about one! Rollers are a MUST for us, they make EO use so much easier and kinda fun too! My grand kids LOVE being given their own roller bottle of diluted essential oils to use. Teach them young, it's amazing how quickly they learn to love EOs and how intuitive they become about what they need whether they realize it or not.  It's fun to watch the process! I use both 5ml and 10ml rollers.

SPRAY BOTTLES  I use glass spray bottles if the blend will be touching my skin.  If I'm making a DIY cleaning solution, I use a plastic spray bottle. My favorite sizes are 1, 2 and 4 oz for healing blends or deodorant.

DROPPERS  Probably my most used tool and technically, I should refer to them as eye droppers.  I put them directly on my essential oil bottles - just the oils I use the most often.  They give you better control than the drip orifices that come standard on an essential oil bottle.  Trust me, you'll love the control droppers will give you!  Lucky us, Spark Naturals now carries both sizes of eye droppers too!! I purchase two sizes: droppers that fit 15ml bottles and droppers that fit 5ml bottles.


I march to a different drummer here, I like combining my EOs with the most nutrient packed carrier oils I can find.  Here's a list of my faves!

NAKED SALVE  Naked Salve is simply my All Purpose Healing Salve base that you can add your own oils to for a single application.  It's full of goodness too!  Organic everything, so pure you can eat it if, you use all organic ingredients!

ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL (this is what I use) - the only other source of lauric acid this side of breast milk.  The beneficial properties of a high quality coconut oil are immense so shop your coconut oil wisely and you'll have a beautiful partnership that will only enhance your pure essential oils.

FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL  FCO is coconut oil in a liquid state and works well for blends you'll use in a roller bottle or a spray bottle protocol.  Note: FCO has the fat spun out it - valuable nutrients reside in the fat.

ORGANIC EMU OIL  Emu oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 – Omega 9 is the major fatty acid and responsible for quick transport of bioactive compounds into the skin and deep penetration.  It’s overall composition is very close to our own skin’s fatty acid composition which makes emu oil a fantastic carrier oil.

WITCH HAZEL  Alcohol-free witch hazel is a favorite of mine!  I use it for the All Purpose Healing Stick and for bug repellent blends.  It won't emulsify the oils but a simple shake before using will blend the two nicely.  Traditionally a toner, this is another carrier that your skin will appreciate.


The Mirage continues to be my favorite diffuser for it's LONG running time - up to 10 hours!  When your budget allows, you may want several diffusers in your home.  Essential oils make sense as air purifiers and refreshers because they actually cleanse the air by altering the structure of the molecules creating the odor.  A diffuser is an invaluable home health device and nothing will prove that statement faster than when you see for yourself how a diffuser can improve mood, sleep, chest congestion, allergies and keep the household or even hospital room clear of airborne pathogens. I hope you find this list helpful!  I would have LOVED a list like this back in the day, the beginner stage of my EO Life might have been a little easier and I would have saved a lot of $$ in shipping!


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