5 Benefits of Using a Body Oil

August 17, 2016

5 Benefits of Using a Body Oil


Maybe it's time to set down your favorite lotion and try a body oil instead. Make room for a simple system that locks in moisture while addressing mood, soreness, sleep or whatever you might need a little help with, naturally. We love our lotions but lotions tend to rub off leaving skin dry again and lotions won't penetrate skin as well as oils. Moisturizing with a high quality, natural oil like CW Organic Rosehip Seed Oil can actually last all day because oil absorbs better and penetrates deeper. If you're worried about clogged pores, don't be, use a good non-comedogenic (won't block pores) oil like rosehip seed oil.

5 Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil for Whole Body Moisture!
  1. Delivers fatty acids and nutrients. FYI - acne prone skin is usually deficient in fatty acids.
  2. Fatty acids convert to prostaglandins involved in cell and tissue regeneration.
  3. Preserves your skins natural oils while removing grime and bacteria.
  4. Slows oxidation - aging. Cold pressed, organic rosehip seed oil contains vitamin C, D, E and a form of vitamin A. High in antioxidants to help scavenge free radicals, the cause of oxidation.
  5. High in vitamin C, cold pressed organic rosehip seed oil boosts immunity and fights infection.

"In times of stress, the skin is the last tissue to receive nutrients because blood supply is first routed to vital organs such as the heart and brain. Stress can also lead to the increased production of oxidant molecules or "free radicals" on the skin which break down cells leading to premature aging. Skin is especially sensitive because blood vessels dilate, resulting in redness and sensitivity. And as your skin cells shed, they leave your skin with a dull, dry appearance."



When's the best time to moisturize with oil?
  • After a warm bath or shower, your pores are open and you're dripping wet. This is a great time to moisturize with a body oil and lock in hydration.
  • Moisturize then wait 3 minutes before toweling dry.
  • Want great oil absorption? Exfoliate once a week.

If you want great absorption and hydration from your whole body oil application, exfoliate once a week! FYI - I happen to love this exfoliation mitt in the shower for a quick smooth down. No slippery shower floor after using a scrub.


How to turn your moisture routine into a wellness routine. 
Add appropriate essential oils to address skin, mood and even, pain relief. Here's a few examples...

Lastly, Rosehip Seed Oil is consider a dry oil because it absorbs so quickly, the way your skin feels after application is wonderful! ENJOY!


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