CBD Oil, Frankincense and Acetaminophen

September 15, 2019

cbd, frankincense, acetaminophin

The plant world is an elegantly designed kingdom that seems to miraculously evolve with us, according to our needs. At least it seems so to me, information is coming in so fast it's impossible to keep up. The more I learn about plant medicine the more I need to know!

I recently found a published 2019 study which I'll share below, that expanded my understanding to see that nature is simply an enormous circle of networks work together to heal. Real healing occurs when multiple networks come together and biodiversity thrives. This is synergy in action. There is no one magic bullet but magic can happen when multiple networks converge to heal.

Take Cannabis for example, CBD to me, feels like the missing puzzle piece in plant based healing. The Cannabis plant (hemp & marijuana) is the Grand Master of homeostasis/healing/balance - in my opinion - Cannabis is on this planet to network with us, with other phytochemicals (biologically active plant compounds) and, pharmaceuticals too.

Full spectrum CBD is changing lives, Frankincense has been changing lives for millennia. Science is discovering that these plant derived substances can enhance pharmaceuticals and even protect us from their side effects. Western medicine and alternative modalities practiced together (networking) create synergetic relationships where more complete healing can take place. 

CBD works by interacting with our body's endocannabinoid system, a regulatory system made up of naturally occurring cannabis-like molecules. These endocannabinoids, as they're called, work like neurotransmitters, shuttling messages through the body to help maintain homeostasis (balance of body systems).

Frankincense works in a similar way - reducing inflammation. It has proven anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties and by the way, this same study I mentioned proved that Frankincense can kill melanoma cancer cells in mice and, take on acetaminophen induced liver damage.

Do you see possibilities in combining CBD and Frankincense? I do too!

Ok, what about acetaminophen...

Acetaminophen (brand name - Tylenol, but also found in other OTC meds) is a classical hepatotoxin that is responsible for almost 50% of all acute liver failure cases in the USA, the UK and many Western countries. Hepatotoxicity is a direct liver injury caused by the toxic metabolite of acetaminophen. 

I know, I know! How can this be? Many, including my mother are dependent on Acetaminophen to ease their aches and pains of aging or to bring down a fever. It's sold in the grocery stores, big box stores everywhere how can it be harmful? Well, it's harmful to the liver, especially if taken on a regular basis for long periods of time or in large doses. Is there a way to protect my mom from liver damage? According to this study, yes there is. Frankincense.

Are you still with me? 

CBD seeks balance in all body systems - homeostasis.

Frankincense protects. Frankincense protected the liver and killed melanoma cells (according to this study) - "Further liver histology showed that Frankincense Essential Oil (FEO) treatments reversed the damages (central vein dilation, hemorrhage, and nuclei condensation) caused by acetaminophen. In conclusion, FEO elicited marked anti-melanoma in both in vitro and in vivo with a significant heptoprotection (liver)."

Networking! There's power in networks - we shouldn't be afraid to blend modalities - use of both plant medicine and western medicine can and should work together for the greater good.

This may take some effort on your part, you may need to talk to your doctor, if your doctor doesn't have the answers do your part to share what you know, what you're learning. You may open doors of knowledge for your physician!

Knowledge is power. The device you're using right now to read this blog post can bring you information in seconds that once took a lifetime to gather. 


Frankincense essential oil suppresses melanoma cancer through down regulation of Bcl-2/Bax cascade signaling and ameliorates heptotoxicity via phase I and II drug metabolizing enzymes

Please read study in its entirety and bookmark to share.

I'm not fighting melanoma or liver damage but I do practice preventative measures by seeking homeostasis and optimal health.

The following is my daily CBD with Frankincense dosing regimen.

I take one dropper full (approximately 2ml) of this CBD Oil with added Frankincense under my tongue morning and night - if you're new to CBD, start with one dose per day and increase if needed. If you're challenged with an acute diagnoses check with your practitioner on dosing. We do know that no adverse side effects have been reported from taking large doses of high quality CBD oil. Frankincense essential oil is gentle however, please check with your practitioner before increasing. 

Blend 10 drops Frankincense per 1 oz CBD Oil - drip Frankincense directly into your bottle of CBD Oil - tip to blend

Live well. Live simply. Never stop learning.