Natural Home Remedy for Itchy Eyes

March 18, 2019

Natural Home Remedy for Itchy Eyes

If you have itchy eyes and it's hayfever season chances are you're suffering from allergy symptoms. Don't give in to rubbing them to redness, try this simple, safe remedy first.

It's almost impossible to avoid allergy triggers when the seasons are changing but thankfully, key therapeutic essential oils like Lavender can assist as a natural and safe way to treat annoying symptoms of allergies, reduce inflammation and, boost the immune system. 

 ...and Lavender is quite magical when it comes to easing itchy eyes!

Of course, first and foremost we need to always make sure we protect the skin from the potency of pure essential oils, especially around the eyes where skin is thin and fragile. This is where Lavender Salve fits the bill beautifully. Just enough Lavender essential oil blended in a skin loving salve containing organic ingredients that include coconut oil, olive oil, rosehip seed oil, beeswax and vitamin e to be effective. 


Use a small amount of CW Lavender Salve, remember, a little bit (less than a 1/8 teaspoon) goes a long way to ease the itching. 

Gently pat Lavender Salve around the eyes - atop the bone (eye socket) that surrounds the eye. Use as needed. 

NOTE: If you're using Lavender Essential Oil, it will be absolutely necessary to dilute the oil with a carrier oil before application.

CW Lavender Salve works beautifully for kids as well. Please help them understand they need to refrain from rubbing their eyes, this can make the itching worse but, take comfort in knowing that should they rub their eyes after you've applied a small amount of Lavender Salve as directed - there will be no stinging effects as the essential oil is well diluted in the food grade salve base.

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