Function Blend

NOTE: CW Function Blend contains Rosehip Seed Oil, no additional carrier oil is needed. It's ready to roll!

Most of us are on the lookout for help in the hormone department, in my case, I wanted to jumpstart my metabolism and lift that heavy feeling of an overburdened body, mind and soul. Finding hormonal balance is my quest of the century. When the endocrine system is out of whack we can experience weight gain, mood swings, thinning hair, chronic discomfort, hot flashes, night sweats, cloudy brain, lazy libido, you name it, it all begins with the thyroid. I make no claim that my little blend is a cure all for this long list of gripes but, it’s sure helping!

Please read my Tired Thyroid blog post (click here) for more information on how the blend can be used and what results you might expect.

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 5 to 6 day delay!


Packaged in a 10 ml stainless steel roller top bottle for easier application.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Love Function blend!

This works well for me. Thanks, Camp Wander


I have seriously taken every supplement known to woman-kind for menopausal symptoms. To NO avail… until I tried this! Both the oil blend and the salve.. and seriously after just a few days, I have gone from raging hot flashes to experiencing next to NOTHING of them
now! I feel like a new woman! Thank you Camp Wander! 💞

Bonnie Jernigan
My New Friend

Oh my goodness I am in love with Function Blend... It goes where ever I go.. It stops Hot flashes or what ever they are... Thyroid has a problem but Dr. Test say No Problem... Function takes care of it real fast.... I never want to be without it... Hugs Bonnie

Debra Mantooth
Function oil blend

Good stuff , I’m using it in the bottom of my feet in the mornings I’m to sensitive right now for application on thyroid hopefully soon I can.. loving it so far :)

Kalye Griffin
Function Blend

Love this product and received it very quickly!!

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