Expectorant Blend Salve

A natural way to address that lingering cough.

Apply topically to back of neck, shoulders and bottoms of feet as needed for a persistent lingering flu or cold cough.

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All Organic Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Patti G
Expectorant salve

I keep this salve on hand for chest congestion and sore throat. Works every time

Joann Lueken
Expectorant Blend Salve

I use it for sinus pressure above my eyes and it really helps!! Great product!!!
I also rub it on my throat for prevention.

Best salve ever

Recently I was in a car accident and as a driver with air bag deployment injury. (Crazy pain long term recovery) I also had a case of bronchitis afterward. I’m over that now but ever so often my chest injury gives me chest congestion- this
Chest Expectorant Salve is wonderful. It’s like mucinex plus extra wonderful things.
Plus the feel of it is so soothing.
Thanks so much for making these wonderful remedies that are so good for you too!! I just live Camp Wander!!!

Another favorite!

I keep this on hand for instant relief of the Ohio Valley allergy season which seems to run almost all year. Nagging cough stops soon after a small amount rubbed on throat and chest. Winner, winner!,

Barbara Barrish
A morning lifesaver

When I wake up in the morning, I often have a great deal of mucus. It’s very annoying for myself and my husband, who likes to sleep late most mornings. I now grab this jar from my bedside table and rub some right on my throat. This Expectorant salve really does the trick. I thank you for such an effective product, and my husband does too.

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