Allergy Ease Salve

NOW available in an 10 ml blend!

An allergic reaction will often manifest itself through the skin in the form of hives, welts and/or itching. Common hives are the result of overactive histamines triggered by an allergic reaction to food, medication, environmental factors or even stress. Soothe the itch and irritation with this nutrient-packed, emollient healing salve.

Apply topically to area of discomfort as needed.

Shelf life for CW Salve is approximately 12 months.

Remember, coconut oil will melt at 76 degrees, store in a cool place for best results.!


All Organic Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Allergy ease

Great product love all my camp wander.

R Murphy
Allergy Ease Salve

My 1st time ordering this particular salve (have many, many others) and as always it did not disappoint. It calmed my irritated, sensitive skin very quickly. Thank you, Camp Wander for all you do to help all stay healthy.

Madeline Summers
its great on swelling

It seems to really help me when I had some swelling on foot

Patti G
Allergy ease

I had received a sample and loved it. Will not go without

Barbara OConnor
Hive Relief

I had broken out in hives and this helped relieve the itch❤️

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