Oregano Blemish Peel Salve

Oh this salve! This one is capable of all manner of things. I use it to draw out sun damage on my face, clear up scaly patches and even skin tone while moisturizing all at once. Adults and teens are using it to clear up cystic and hormonal acne and more mild breakouts. With Oregano and Frankincense included, this salve is special, potent yet simple. Yes, the oregano is diluted enough to be mild but a test patch is always a good idea!

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Shelf life - approximately 18 months.


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Organic Blemish Peel with O!
Better than a Flu Shot Diffuser Blend

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Cyndee B
Helping with Cystic acne

I am 60! and battle with painful cystic acne on chin and jaw line. when I feel one coming on i put this on and it seems to make it disappear quite quickly. I also bought this for my daughter who has a chemical peel burn and it has made it lighter over time, just took some time,

Happy Camper

I bought the Oregano Blemish Peel Salve because I had an ugly blemish on my face that had not responded to other methods I used. While I did not have high expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. Within a few weeks the blemish started to recede in size and it is much improved and looking better every day. I'm a very happy camper.

Great Product

We love this salve. We use it for anything on the skin; any little rash, any breakout and we love it.


I love applying this at night and waking up to my fresh face look! I have used this as a while now and love it... really clears up any blemish unbelievably fast. Thanks, Camp Wander!

Samantha Wilhelmi
Love this product.

Helps take out acne bumps as well as reduced some redness.

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