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Ginger - Zingiber officinale essential oil is stimulating and warm and deserves an honored place in your herbal pharmacy as a tonic to both mind and body. Ginger is your digestive system's best friend, simply inhaling this essential oil from a drop in your palms or straight from the bottle can quell nausea. One of the reasons Ginger is such a superior digestive is it's ability to relax the smooth muscle in the gut lining so it can do it's job and move food along through the system, preventing food from sitting too long and fermenting which is a common cause of stomach upset like gas and bloating.

Did you know that while you're using Ginger aromatically you're also supporting the natural function of the lungs? Ginger is lifting, warming, calms the body's systems and cleanses the lymphatic system among other things, that's why it's considered a superior tonic.

Try 3 drops Ginger, 3 drops Lemongrass and 2 drops Birch supported in CW Naked Salve as a warming all over rub for strained muscles and tendons.

Dietary Standard

Lucky you! Should this CW product be on back order, we should have it shipped to you within 4-5 days.

Size and Origin

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Origin - Madagascar

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Customer Reviews

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LOVE LOVE LOVE Camp Wanders Ginger

Ginger thyme

I really enjoy the aromas of both of both of these oils. I would like to eventually try all of your products. I have many salves that do good for my body. Thank you again, for always including a small sample of something for FREE, in each order.
Thank you for your natural healing abili8

Every single item works !!!

Lovely. I think I have become a ⛺️ CAMP WANDER addict! I started with the Nerve Pain Block Salve for my diabetic foot pain. It works better than any thing I've tried - even RX creams. Then I got my daughter theLavender oil and she just LOVES IT. Then I tried the Digest Ease Salve for when my tummy hurts and it works like a charm. Ginger and eucalyptus oils were last -they are for her Christmas Stocking so I can't review yet. Camp Wander has into egrity as a company and a I love their products!!! Debbie W.

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