Sinus Buster Blend

This is an easy aromatic, antibiotic protocol to use when your sinuses are congested with infection.

Used accordingly this protocol is safe and effective. It will make your eyes water but oh it’s good to feel the sinuses open up again! Go slow, breathe in the herbal steam carefully.

For acute sinus issues, add 12 drops to a cup of steamy water, inhale through nose carefully several times. Diffuse water after it's cooled.

For topical, aromatic use - dietary standard


10 ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

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Diffusing it right now. Helps clear the stuffy achy sinuses I often get here in Florida. Love it! Thank you!

Sinus Buster

Excellent product, I was having a burning sensation in lungs after using for one day the burning was gone.

It really works!

This really works! It helped clear out my sinuses so I could breathe through my nose.

Sinus Buster

I keep this mix with me at all times. I roll the back neck and temples. I inhale in my nose. You never know what type weather you are facing in Louisiana ..ha

Love this blend!

I live in southeastern Virginia where sinus issues are common. I used to have lots of stuffy nose, sinus pressure (and associated headache), infections, all sorts of issues. Sinus Buster has made such a difference! I started using it several years ago and have had very few issues since. I use Airway regularly also, but at the first sign of stuffiness I switch to Sinus Buster in my diffuser overnight and it almost always stops it in its tracks.

A coworker that moved here from Maine was having a terrible time with sinus because of not being used to the humidity. I gave him a bottle of Sinus Buster and a small diffuser and in just about two weeks it cleared up what multiple trips to the clinic and multiple rounds of medication did not.

There are some Camp Wander blends I can't do without and this is definitely one of them!

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