Melaleuca Salve

Melaleuca - Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil is an all-purpose healer with an industrial clean scent. It has it all, a strong antimicrobial used to treat acne, clean up nail fungus, clear dandruff and help Oregano oil out in the Cold & Flu Bomb protocol. Combined with Lavender and coconut oil, the two essential oils create a natural remedy for vaginal candida infection.

Origin – Australia

Dietary Standard

Shelf life for CW Salve is approximately 18 months.


All Organic Ingredients:

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Customer Reviews

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Great salve

All of camp wander salves are amazing. Melaleuca salve is amazing

Randean Miller
Love it!

We use it on our wounds and it is very healing ❤️‍🩹

My favorite Camp Wander Salve.

Thank you, I have bad knees, but this save instantly takes my pain away. I carry it in my purse for emergencies. I also get pain in my shoulders and again instant relief from my pain. A little bit goes a long way, you don't need much, just a dab. I am going to give these as gifts. I am hitting 70 next year so a lot of my friends have a lot of aches and pain. So I want my friends to be pain free too, so I feel this is the best gift I can think of. Try it you won't be disappointed. It is so much better than taking pain killers. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Love this melaleuca salve!

I received a little sample of this salve when I ordered a few others. I didn't know what to use it for so I checked out the description and reviews. A customer said they used it as deodorant so I thought I'd give it a try. It truly works. I spray the crystal deodorant on first and then apply this salve and voila. Granted it is winter and I'm not sweating much. But I don't have the funk smell I used to at the end of the evening. I've also put it on a bump I'm getting on my arm from an allergy shot I got 10 years ago. It reduced the redness. I love Camp Wander's salves! (And I'm v picky!)


Great products!

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