Oil Pull Blend w/Immunity Impact

For general anti-microbial action and protection.

Oil pulling has become a mainstream practice, quickly gaining popularity for its ability to reduce nasty bacteria that causes plaque build-up, gum disease, tooth decay and gum sensitivity. Our new CW Oil Pull Blends start with only the finest coconut oil from Tropical Traditions blended with specific essential oils to address discomfort, infection and prevention.

Oil pull once a day if possible, use a generous teaspoon of your choice of Oil Pulling Blends. Once it's in mouth it will melt to a liquid state, swish slowly for 20 minutes. Keep busy, oil pull while showering or vacuuming etc. Do not swallow! The oil will be full of bacteria and other nasty stuff, you’ll want to spit it in the garbage at the end of your 20 minutes. Brush your teeth and feel the difference! Your teeth will feel smooth and clean every time.


Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil blended with:

4 ounce amber glass jar
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gayann Guillory
Oil pulling

Works great!!! Makes my mouth feel clean.

Jennifer Beaver
oil pulling benefits

I've been oil pulling for about a week and my teeth are whiter and feel cleaner. Also, it seems to help with sinus congestion. Easy to do -- I'm still working from home, so I do it for 20 minutes while working on a project. Recommended.


Camp Wander's oil pulling with Immunity essential oil blend is super for my maintaining good health! After my morning oil pulling wellness protocol, I feel like I am armored up against roving bands of malicious maladies. Happy Trails.

Becky Hildebrand
Oil Pull Blend

I honestly didn't know what to expect from using the oil pull but in just two days the results were amazing! It not only relieved pain in my gums but sinuses too. I am so pleased and aggravated with myself for not trying it before now!

Deborah Kaufman
Oil Pull Blend

I’ve never tried oil pulling before, but am definitely sold on this blend. Since starting oil pulling, my mouth has felt fresher and the inflammation I have had is going away. I’m so glad I took a chance and tried this.

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