Silver Fir

Silver Fir - Abies alba essential oil is steam distilled from the needles of the Silver Fir conifer. This essential oil is a wonderfully soft and resinous but sweetly fresh and grounding. It promotes mental clarity and I agree with a friend of mine that it's a smart choice to diffuse in the workplace as it promotes both calm and focus and evokes a walk in the deep woods (men love it too). But I confess to loving a blend of Silver Fir, Lavender and Rosemary in my diffuser.

Silver Fir is one of my first choices for sore muscles and a tired body. It's warming, soothing and one of those steadfast essential oils like Frankincense that help me stand steady during a crazy day or, life. I've said many times that have an affinity for all evergreen essential oils but Silver Fir has to be my favorite. Silver Fir is a good choice for respiratory issues including inducing a cough and breaking up mucus. Add a drop of Lemon to 2 drops Silver Fir with CW Naked Salve for a nice chest rub to help loosen congestion.

External Use

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Size and Origin

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Origin - Bosnia

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Silver Fir
Silver Fir
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