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Sweet Birch - Betula lenta essential oil is my go-to for acute pain. I like to blend it with warm oils such as Clove Bud and Black Pepper. In my experience, Birch is especially powerful combined with Helichrysum. While Birch is similar to Wintergreen essential oil (both are rich in methyl salicylate) I prefer the complex soft minty, uplifting aroma of Birch.

Birch essential oil is bright and uplifting to the senses, an analgesic, detoxifier and a decongestant. Dilute Birch with Camp Wander Naked Salve for safe topical application to areas of discomfort. Avoid Birch if you're allergic to aspirin, on blood thinners or epileptic. Consider Silver Fir and Frankincense as an alternative to Birch.

  • Diffuse Birch with Eucalyptus or Ravansara for an effective decongestant.
  • If you need potent pain relief, consider my Nerve Pain & Block Blend. Make the blend yourself or purchase Nerve Pain & Block Salve in the CW Shop.

External Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Birch oil

I absolutely love the Birch oil ... it works so well and smells amazing
Thank you Camp Wander!

Pain management

I use birch in a pain blend that I love I have a very bad back and have had many surgeries Oils saved my life I am so impressed with Camp Wander oils and the Salves are awesome Thank you for your continued product quality and availability ❤️ Camp Wander Oils ❤️

Sweet relief

I have arthritis in my neck that sometimes causes a headache that radiates from my neck up over the top of my head. I turn on a hot shower, put two or three drops in the Hampton in my hand and massage it into my scalp leaving it there while I finish my shower. Sometimes I just stand in the hot shower and let it sit on my head. It gives me relief quickly that continues after the shower. Nothing I take by mouth is as effective. Love this stuff! Just don’t let the shampoo drip into your eyes and wash it off you hands before washing the rest of you.

Don't leave home without it

I fell and broke my leg while visiting my family in Nevada. I could hardly wait to get home so I could start putting Birch on my leg. I diluted the Birch with Naked Salve as recommended by Rebecca. Instantly I could feel my leg start to heal. The doctor was surprised at the new bone growth I had at my 2 week visit. I love this oil. It is so powerful.

Miracle worker

For a headache that just won't quit, when nothing else works, rub a few drops of birch into your shampoo and rub the pain away. It's a hot oil, so always dilute, but that little tingle tells me the pain is finally going away. Works for sinus headaches too.

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