Allergy Ease Blend

An allergic reaction will often manifest itself through the skin in the form of hives, welts and/or itching. Common hives are the result of overactive histamines triggered by an allergic reaction to food, medication, environmental factors or even stress. Soothe the itch and irritation with Allergy Ease. 

Beneficial for aromatic or topical use.

Allergy Ease Blend is the perfect compliment to our Allergy Ease Salve

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    10 ml 

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    Herbal Allergy Ease Salve Stops the Itch

    L.L.P. Allergy Bomb to the Rescue!

    Allergies, Inflammation & the Power of Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint Essential Oils

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Randean Miller
    Sinus infection

    My daughter and I had a sinus infection. I put Allergy Ease Blend drops and Oregano drops in steaming hot water 2 xs/day for 3 days and we are better. We also took Airborne.

    Janet Jeffcoat
    Good stuff

    I used for mosquito bites on a friend and I was amazed at how quickly the swelling went down.

    Becky G
    Awesome Allergy Partner

    I diffuse this every time I come in from outside during Heavy pollen season! Makes a Big difference in how I feel and congestion issues. Love it!

    Marilyn Tibbetts
    Big relief

    I have allergies worst than ever this year and this has helped so much!

    Sheila Elstro
    Allergy saver!

    Love this for my daughter’s constant stuffy nose! Her allergies are not seasonal, but environmental. So her nose is constantly stuffy! She feels so much better and can breathe with this. I have it diffusing in her room (when she’s extra stuffy) and in the main living area (where we all benefit from it!).

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