Black Spruce

Black Spruce - Picea mariana essential oil is pure heaven if you love the therapeutic and grounding benefits of conifers. I confess, I'm a tree hugger, I prefer their grounding influence over citrus and floral essential oils. Black Spruce has a smooth, soft aroma that's sweet, warm and inviting. Combine with Helichrysum for superior healing and toning of strained muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Make a divine muscle relaxant rub with Black Spruce, Birch and Peppermint - 10 drops of each essential oil per 1 ounce of CW Naked Salve. Black Spruce is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, adrenal supportive during times of stress according to Dr. Kurt Schnabelt and, may improve breathing conditions for asthma, bronchitis including cough. Look to the trees when you seek grounding, strength and fortitude!

Diffuse Black Spruce with Frankincense and Wild Orange for a bright, grounding aroma.

External Use

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Size and Origin

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Origin - Canada

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Customer Reviews

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Love th is oil!


Black spruce was what I needed, helps with pain

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