Dreamy Sleep Salve


Everyone wants and needs a good night's rest. Dreamy Sleep Salve is infused with a special blend of essential oils that can help level blood sugar and calm adrenals thus allowing the body to drift into sleep mode when it’s ready to rest. Dreamy Sleep Salve has a few side benefits as well. Every night you slather the bottoms of your feet with this CW Salve you're supporting immunity. Cinnamon Bark especially has an extremely high ORAC score (267,536) translating into high levels of antioxidants with beneficial anti-viral properties included. Another welcome benefit, soft feet!

Apply Dreamy Sleep Salve liberally to the bottom of both feet after you’ve climbed into bed, massage in. You don’t want to share even a tiny bit with the floor or slippers.

Shelf life of Dreamy Sleep Salve is approximately 18 months. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews
This sleep salve is awesome!

I fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night, wake up feeling well rested and my feet have never been so soft! I love Dreamy Sleep Salve!

Monica H.
Sweet dreams 😴

So relaxing and I delight in the scent! Goes on my feet every night.

Donna Corlyn
Dreamy sleep salve

I had high hopes but sadly this did nothing for me.

Great stuff!

I started using this for nearly 10 years! I use it on the soles of my feet for a relaxed feeling.

Susan Pabon
Dreamy Sleep salve

I love it. I use it for a good and restful night's sleep.

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