Marjoram (Sweet)

Marjoram, Sweet - Origanum majorana

Marjoram for muscles. Remember MM when you experience muscles soreness and strain. Marjoram is a potent antispasmodic, known to soothe menstrual cramps (Marjoram + Clary Sage is wonderful for this!), ease headaches and provide a slightly sedative effect.

Dietary Standard

Size and Origin

10 ml Essential Oil

Origin: Egypt

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Family Friendly Expectorant
All Natural Sleep Blend for Kids
Menstrual Cramp Pain Relief
Arthritis Pain Relief Blend
Kid Friendly Wellness Remedy Collection
Family Time Bedtime Foot Massage
The Sustenance of Scent


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The smell of Marjoram is so relaxing beyond the benefits. Help me with headache, minimizing the stress and blood pleasure it was a bit higher than normal due to stress. Every day after coming back home goes into my diffuser two weeks later blood pressure went down 4 points very close to normal.

Maura Fornataro
What a pleasant aroma

I have Never tried marjoram essential oil til my most recent order . What a pleasant surprise of aroma I love It in a blend - in my diffuser - and for all the health benefits this oil offers! So glad I read About the benefits of it on camp wander site - Rebecca is full of such knowledge and thank you for sharing this with your customers . You are a treasure! This will be one of my staple oils to always have on hand .

Cathy M
Trio of wellness

Marjoram is the first of three oils I use to layer on the spine to boost my immune system: Marjoram/Frankincense/Helichrysum. I had a scratchy throat and had been around others that have since come down with a cold/flu. One application last night before bed and no sore throat or any symptoms! Camp Wander’s oils are the best!


Marjoram is a Great single oil to keep on hand. We use Camp Wander Marjoram to boost blends for helping with muscle tension & at the same time calm the mind - it's a win win!!

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