Muscle Ease Blend

Introducing our newest essential oil blend for cramp relief and muscle soreness.

Some call it the Charlie Horse Blend, but you might call it the “OMG Thank You” Blend especially if you suffer from muscle spasms that wake you up in the night.

The minute you feel that awful tightening, apply and massage in! Bonus - Muscle Ease is wonderful for muscle soreness of course and a great arthritis relief blend as well.

Topical and aromatic use.



10 ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mechelle H
Love this blend!!

This stuff really works on sore muscles. I use it all the time for lower back and shoulder pain. Highly recommend!

Bonnie Jernigan
I keep it right by my Bed

Boy I tell you I suffered a lot every night with Leg Cramps and talk about Pain then I was so sore the next day... I cramp from my toes to my neck.....I drink plenty of water in fact I found out I drank too much so I cut back and feel much better. When I first got Muscle Ease I took it everywhere with me.. I think this EO has got me going the right way now cause I hardly need it but IT NEVER leaves my side LOL.....This stuff would stop a cramp right then when I put it on.... I never had to worry about it not working cause anything Camp Wander puts out is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is wonderful... Bless you all..... Bonnie

Made my husband a believer

I use this for leg and abdominal cramps and stiff/achy neck and shoulder area. It truly provides relief. I have also gifted to back pain sufferers who have found relief. Husband, who runs, also used for achy muscles and liked it very much. He is skeptical every time I give him one of your blends, but he is wowed every time too ;-) I love when that happens. Thanks for making these trustworthy blends available.

Renee Johnson
Muscle Blend

I have used this on my problem area, my ongoing Sciatic issues.
My husband will massage this in and I do think it helps.
I like to alternate with that and the CBD salve.
I also use it on my shoulder.

Relief at Last

I have found relief at last, after a life-time of Restless Leg Syndrome! I use the Muscle Ease Blend on my legs and calves before bed. Sometimes, if the RLS is extreme, I add a layer of CW Nerve Pain and Block.The results are immediate!

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