Pet Friendly Salve

A pet friendly salve carefully crafted with your dogs, chickens, and other pets in mind. We know your furry friends need pure, nutritious salve options too. Pet Friendly Salve is blended with Frankincense and Lavender essential oils for topical application. Although Frankincense is a powerful essential oil it’s really very gentle, so gentle it can be used undiluted. In my experience, animals can be drawn to pure Frankincense. 

Learn more about EOs and pets.

Shelf life - approximately 12 months

Remember, coconut oil will melt at 76 degrees, store in a cool place for best results.

Lucky you! Should this item be on backorder it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

My eight year old schnauzer-poo loves this. EVERY night she stares at the jar on the dresser until I get it and rub her front paws with it.
This is a wonderful “treat” for her before we go night-night.

Awesome Product!!

My dog kept scratching herself until I applied the Pet Friendly Salve. One I applied the Pet Friendly Salve to her irritation, she stopped scratching herself and was calm. What an awesome product!! I would recommend this to everyone I know who has a pet with skin issues. I am happy that this is safe to use for my pets.

My dog loves

My boxer has really bad skin issues so I wanted to try this out, she loves it and I love that its safe for her and if she licks it it won't harm her. Havent been using long yet but we will see how it works out either way it doesn't hurt to be using it lavender and Frankincense are GREAT oils overall and you dont have to just use this on your pet my husband has been also using for his eczema.

Awesome Product for Pets***

My dog had an irritation on her tail that she kept biting at. I put the Pet Friendly Salve on her tail. Not only did she stop biting her tail but the irritation went away. I would definitely recommend this product!!!

Happy, Heaven and Pet Friendly Salve

My baby dog Happy, who is 9 years of age, loves Eos, we have a nightly ritual where I massage mine in, then I massage her Pet Friendly Salve in. Happy likes to lick my hands after ward, she's most defintly is my essential oil baby girl. Happy fell ill starting with vomiting, then with a tar looking loose stool, she was very weak. I took her into the vet immediately, they did blood work on her to check her out, and did an ultra sound. She had internal bleeding, they gave her a blood transfusion. She perked up from that. They gave her medication for the internal bleeding. I was told that it can be cured with medication, and she can recover.
It was the results from the blood work, that confirmed Happy had advanced Liver Cancer and it was in her bile duct to. It was suggested we put her down.
She had no appetite, she was tired and was just not herself. Happy was suffering silently for a long time at that. My daughter, Happy's Mama flew home to be with Happy. The next day was spent with family & friends sharing, giving Love & Light to Happy. We had to make the hardest decision as to when we would send her to heaven. It the mist of all of it I continuously rubbed, massaged my baby girl with the Pet Friendly Salve, and she still loved licking it off my hands, I used it right up to the time she was went to heaven. It kept her calm, it was something she loved and looked forward to. I will always use it, to have Happy with me. God bless Thank you. I'll tag CW 4 Fb Video

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