Expectorant Blend

Our Family Friendly Expectorant Blend to diffuse or apply topically.

This is a multitasking blend that can be used topically with a carrier oil or aromatically in your diffuser. We use both protocols at our house! This blend can make life livable again when fighting a persistent lingering cough during cold and flu season. 

Wonderful to diffuse or for topical application.

Size: 10ml

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Family Friendly Expectorant

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Terri M
Expectorant Blend - really works and it smells good!

My husband and I had some kind of wicked flu or chest cold. We could feel the rattle in our chest, and were coughing so hard our sides ached. We tried everything - nothing worked. I pulled out my oils, hoping to find something that would help - and there it was! Expectorant Blend! Worked like a dream. This is another blend I'll keep in my oil cabinet.

Worked great!

I had a touch of bronchitis, and inhaling the expectorant blend really helped clear it up. I had planned to mix some with oil and rub it on my chest, but the inhaling worked so well I just stuck with that. Thanks.

Monica H.
Expect the best!

Used this in the diffuser and it didn’t disappoint! Thanks again CW for your exceptional products

Renee Johnson
Expectorant Blend salve

I bought this to help me with long term after effects of that C virus.
I put this on at night to help me with my cough and sooth my chest.
It does seem to help.
I have also upped my supplements.

Sunnie Eardley

This has worked every time so far that my 3 girls have had a cough from drainage due to allergies!! Must keep on hand!!

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