Lullaby Blend Salve

For a safe and gentle sleep remedy that might calm your little night owls. Also available as a 10ml essential oil blend!

Tired mamas ask me often for a safe and gentle sleep remedy that might calm their little night owls at home. This is a favorite blend for night owls large and small in our family.

Apply topically to back of neck, shoulders and bottoms of feet as needed.


All Organic Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tina Grewell
Sweet gift

I gave this to a friend to help with her toddler. She loves it

Kaila Stukenberg
Lullaby Salve

Love, love, love!!!! My kids sleep the best every time we use this blend on their feet!!!

Cynthia DuBois

This lovely Essential is diffused every evening in my home. My Mother has health issues that this oil helps her relax for the evening. Thank you Rebecca and Camp Wander

Son sleeps so well with this stuff

My 3 year old loves to wake up in the middle of the night wanting me to lay with him. When he has lullaby on his feet and chest he sleeps through the night and does not bother me!! I would HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Helped my little guys sleep when they were sick

My boys were restless and just all around miserable from being sick. I had a sample of Lullaby and tried it on their feet and they both had the best restorative sleep. Now, they ask for it every night. They love it!

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