Baby Blend Salve

NOW available as a 10 ml essential oil blend!

When it comes to our littlest ones, gentle is the word. After many rounds of recipe testing, we discovered a lovely combination of, gentle. A sweetly handcrafted healing salve to soothe chapped skin, diaper rash irritation, cradle cap and even tummy discomfort!

Apply topically as needed to moisturize or calm skin irritations. For gastrointestinal tummy discomforts, smooth 1/4 teaspoon on both abdomen and in the navel. For cradle cap, smooth 1/4 teaspoon directly on scalp, massage in and leave on overnight.

Shelf life for CW Salve is approximately 18 months.



All Organic Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lilayne Peltz
Great product for preventing/healing C-Section rashes!

I have been having issues with my 20 year old C-Section scar becoming irritated and rashy the last couple of years. My Dr has prescribed a powder that helps but I wanted something natural. I read a review on here that someone used it on their scar and it helped. I can now attest that I've had no irritation of the scar area for the last 2 months (I had a jar from before and just bought more). Sometimes I use a tummy liner to prevent the skin from touching but I've noticed that I don't need to use it as much either. I have even given the information on this blend to my Dr so she can pass along the info to her other patients who suffer from this annoying condition. Thank you, Camp Wander, for this amazing product! I will also be buying it as gifts for the pregnant mothers that I know!

Laura E. Jackson

Excellent!! I love CW products 😍

Diaper Cream

I switched to using this as diaper cream for my twins when they came home from the NICU. Best decision I have made. They have not had a single case of diaper rash since using herbal baby. It smells amazing and works wonders!

The best for babies bottoms!

We love the baby blend salve! Have ordered it continuously since our twin grandbabies came home from the NICU. Thank you for a natural, safe & effective product!

So many uses

I gave a jar of this to my daughter when my grandbaby was born a year ago.... At first she wore it to calm baby and help with colic. More recently teething has caused skin issues under her diaper and so she started applying Herbal Baby to her rash with amazing results.

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