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Sweet Birch - Betula lenta essential oil is my go-to for acute pain. I like to blend it with warm oils such as Clove Bud and Black Pepper. In my experience, Birch is especially powerful combined with Helichrysum. While Birch is similar to Wintergreen essential oil (both are rich in methyl salicylate) I prefer the complex soft minty, uplifting aroma of Birch.

Birch essential oil is bright and uplifting to the senses, an analgesic, detoxifier and a decongestant. Dilute Birch with Camp Wander Naked Salve for safe topical application to areas of discomfort. Avoid Birch if you're allergic to aspirin, on blood thinners or epileptic. Consider Silver Fir and Frankincense as an alternative to Birch.

  • Diffuse Birch with Eucalyptus or Ravansara for an effective decongestant.
  • If you need potent pain relief, consider my Nerve Pain & Block Blend. Make the blend yourself or purchase Nerve Pain & Block Salve in the CW Shop.

External Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

When I wake up with a pounding headache. Take a shower and make sure to add a couple drops to your shampoo. Headache gone. I use it as a driver for other pain slaves too

Wait for a chance

Have not used it yet but I am sure it will be good


I have purchased birch frim 2 other companies in the past. But I prefer C.W.’s birch over the others Thank you very much!🌿


Love birch for sore muscles and joint aches

Birch oil

I absolutely love the Birch oil ... it works so well and smells amazing
Thank you Camp Wander!

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