Serenity Blue Peace Blend

Use daily for that peaceful feeling when you need it most. Apply topically or just breathe in Serenity Blue to recenter your day and get your balance back. Feel your muscles relax, anxiety ease and your well-being return when you add Serenity Blue to your busy day. For a restful nights sleep, apply to soles of both feet at bedtime.

Serenity Blue is a beautifully, therapeutic grounding blend also available in a Salve formulation.

Topical and aromatic use.


10 ml 

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Customer Reviews

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Monica H.
Peacefully Delightful

Serenity blue peace blend was one of my first purchases from Camp Wander. And since then I have quickly placed multiple orders… The oils are fantastic! This one is very calming & delightful, indeed. I just can’t say enough good things, but can share with you that my wish list cart is getting rather full for future purchases🤩👍🏽 So thankful to have found Camp Wander!

Renee Johnson
Serenity Blue Peace Blend

This was probably the second blend I ever tried from Camp Wander.
I had the salve. My son, who is an adult and has Autism loves this blend.
I decided to get the oil blend so I could make a roller for him to take with him to work.
It is a go to blend, that helps him calm himself.
Thank you Rebecca, for all that you do!
It makes a difference in lives!


Serenity Blue Peace Blend by Camp Wander gets me to that AHHH place of peace, calm & kindness - a really nice place to be!


Very nice product!

Randi H
Smells like serenity

I actually ordered this specifically for my sister who was on bed rest. She has been diffusing it every night for the past few weeks and she says that it does calm her through the night. I opened the bottle before I gave it to her and smelled it. I am going to order another soon!

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