Dreamy Sleep Blend

Everyone wants and needs a good night's rest, that's why most Dreamy Sleep Blend fans come back for more. This is a special blend of essential oils that can help level blood sugar and calm adrenals thus allowing the body to drift into sleep mode when it’s ready to rest.

Another side benefit of Dreamy Sleep Salve is that every night you apply to the bottoms of your feet you're also giving your immunity a boost! Cinnamon Bark especially has an extremely high ORAC score (267,536) translating into high levels of antioxidants with beneficial anti-viral properties included. 

Apply Dreamy Sleep Blend to the bottom of both feet after you’ve climbed into bed and massage in - you don’t want to share even a tiny bit with the floor or slippers.

Diffuse Dreamy Sleep to help the littles drift off to sleep.

Consider Dreamy Sleep Salve too!

Dietary Standard

10 ml 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

Love the smell, I use almost every night! One of many camp wander products that I use regularly.


This is the best for sleep. I wake up in the middle night and can't fall back to sleep. I roll this on the inside of my wrists and I position my wrist next to my head and it helps me fall back to sleep. Been using it for 10 years now. Love it!

Mary Markowitch
Sleep like a baby !

I want you to know that I have been using sleeping pills now for quite some time .
I have a vary hard time going to sleep and staying asleep . So when I received my order of Dreamy Sleep Blend I thought yeah ok just something else to try.
I was absolutely wrong ,I slept like a baby the vary first time I tried it and with out any side affects. What a great product. Thank you Camp Wander . I love all the products I have tried. M . M

Verifiably Dreamy

I fall asleep quickly, wake only for the need of a bathroom , and right back to sleep. I am getting 1-3 hours of deep sleep according to my sleep app which is a whole lot better than the 30-45 min I was getting before I met CW. Extremely happy with this beautiful blend.

Robin V.
Old Faithful

I have used this blend for years now and it always works. I do rotate between a few blends so I don't use one blend nightly and become sensitized. I apply a few drops along with carrier oil to my stomach or thigh area and then put on my PJ's. The sleepy feeling kicks in after about five minutes. I really love and rely on this blend.

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