Nerve Pain & Block Blend

This is a powerful blend for nerve related pain. 

Please visit this blog post for more extensive information on the essential oils in the blend and how they may help. Please note that NPB Blend contains Birch essential oil, this oil is not for anyone on blood thinners, allergic to aspirin or epileptic. Always dilute with a carrier oil before as needed use.

For topical or aromatic use.

A perfect compliment to our Nerve Pain & Block Salve


10 ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Roberta Reed

Nerve Pain & Block Blend

Highly recommend

I deal with Posterior Tibial Tendonitis in my foot. They wanted to do an extensive surgery to “repair it”. In the beginning, it was very painful to walk and if my bedsheets touched the skin in that area my foot would be on fire. Extremely painful. With help from my chiropractor and daily use of this nerve pain blocker for a time, I cancelled surgery and am healing. I have used this for 2 years now and can’t live without it. I only have to use this occasionally now whereas I was using it very regularly at first. It’s amazing!

Brenda Skorcz
Nerve pain & Block Blend

Gave this to my niece for neuropathy. Will know soon if it helps.

Susan Mallett
Excellent product!

I first tried Nerve Pain & Block when I was at an overnight women's retreat and woke up with a leg cramp. My roommate let me use hers and I was stunned by the relief within 30 seconds. I hope to never be without this product.

One of the best pain blends I've ever used

I developed sciatic in both hips. The pain radiated down my legs into my feet. I was in agony and couldn't see my chiropractor for 2 days. A few drops in naked salve and within 5 minutes the pain had somewhat lessened. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone. I keep a bottle with me at all times. Thank you Rebecca!

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