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Sativa salve


Excellent product

Airway is an excellent and refreshing essential oil

Fantastic for ADHD & anxiety

I bought this mainly for help with anxiety, but it has definitely helped my ADHD as well. I use it mainly at work and it helps me calm down and focus enough to be able to work without having to take a Xanax. Love the smell.


Love this in my oil diffuser, this is great durning flu season with my kids in school and bringing home all kinds of germs it gives me a peace of mind that everyone is staying healthy when using this.

Meets my needs perfectly

one of our friends Cindy Weaver a customer of yours highly recommended this company after she gave a a sample of the Airway essential oil
We live it

So relaxing!

I love this product! All of the products I have tried, over the counter, for sleep have never worked for me. They make me jittery. However, this salve really does cause me to relax and I sleep through the night! In rare occasions where I do wake up, and can't get back to sleep, I just put a little bit more on my feet and back to sweet dreams!

All Purpose Healing Salve

I love this salve! I put on b/f bedtime and my hands feel hydrated in the morning.
I love Camp Wander products.
Thank you

Cold & Flu Ease

A few days after this came in the mail my son stopped by with a cold. He had an important event the next evening and was concerned, he's a chef. I handed him Cold & Flue Ease, Airway, and Green Tea. When I talked to him the next day, I couldn't even tell he had a cold! I asked him how he felt, he said cold's all but gone and I feel fine! When I saw him again I gave him some Immunity Impact! I've never seen results like this with anything else we've used. The salves are so helpful. Thank you, Rebecca!

Hoping this is a great gift!

Santa put this in my daughter’s Christmas stocking! Today I just ordered some for myself! To be continued!

Love this...

This purchase was for my daughter’s pain issues and given as a gift. This salve gives me much comfort and so hoping she enjoys this as much as I do!

Sweet bracelet!

Purchased at Christmas time... one for my daughter and one for me. These are not only nice looking but wearing the EO scents are perfect!

Enjoying Cold& Flu Ease

This blend is really helping me sleep after a month of colds and bronchitis. I use it in my new oil diffuser. Thank you. This was my first order!

Love this!

I love the smell of this! I like using this as a perfume. Subtle enough to not bother my allergies.

Awesome Airway Salve

My husband and I use Airway salve during allergy/sinus season. It really eases the sinus pressure and allows us to breathe clearer.

Glad to find 10ml size!


I bought the salve to use for my shingles pain and it exceeded my expectations.
I have since broken my shoulder and using for that pain as well. so grateful for this company and their excellent products!

Muscle Ease Salve Works Great!

I have been using it to rellieve the pain in my hip and knees. It has helped immensely!

1 x All Purpose Healing Salve

healing my eczema!

Sweet Basil

I bought some Sweet Basil due to a double ear infection. My pain was so horrible I was almost in tears. Once my Sweet Basil arrive and I followed Camp Wander suggestions on where to apply it, my ears calmed down after 24 hours and I could smile again. Thank you once again, sweet Camp Wander!

My final choice

I've had arthritis in my neck it seems like forever. 2 surgeries and still no relief.....until now!!!
Anything else I have tried I had to apply several times a day. Nerve Pain & Block Salve apply it in the morning and occasionally freshen it late afternoon and I'm good go.
Will definitely re-order


My grandson had really bad diaper rash and nothing would clear it up. We used this salve one time(!)....and it completely cleared up!!! Unreal!! It's s keeper!!!

Makes a difference

I really like this oil. I tried the blending of vinegar and Palmolive dishwashing liquid AND Deep Clean Blend. I really love it, smells great and I am not worried about chemicals.

Wonderful, efficacious balm!

I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, and this balm really helps soothe the constant nerve pain I have around my eye and temple! I highly recommend this!

Should be Camp Wonder

I have recurring sciatica pain that responds well to this salve. Way to go CW.

Eases Pain

This works great for my body aches and pains - shoulders, neck, knees, back, legs, head, you name it! I layer it with Copaiba which I've been using for a long time. I feel like the Cannabis Sativa Salve really boosts the pain relieving power of Copaiba and I'm good for hours. I also gave it to my sister who is battling a terribly aggressive and painful cancer beast. She uses it and gets pain relief from the combination of Copaiba and Cannabis Sativa salves even when her fentanyl patch and opioids aren't helping. This stuff works!

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