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Love this blend

I like this blend so much I bought some for gifts for Christmas. It smells divine you will love it!

Excellent lip balm

This lip balm soothes dry lips. Keeps lips moist. Highly recommend this product.

Slap Bracelets

Love these bracelets. Bought them for a grandchild, but her mom loves wearing one to work. Have several people planning on buying some after seeing mine. Great price also.

expectorant blend works

i have struggled with allergies that often result in respiratory infections. this oil has really lessened the problems I am having.

Peaceful sleep

I have always had trouble falling asleep. When I received a sample in an order, I gave it a try...and was amazed at the difference in the length of time it took to relax and fall asleep! Thank you for samples and thank you for Womens Blend!

Acutely Amazing!!

The Acute Cream was purchased to use on a tough patch of psoriasis. The results have been nothing short of amazing!! My smaller spots have almost completely healed, the biggest one has shrunk dramatically and looks like it is going to heal up as well. It will be my go to treatment from here out.

Big Helper!

I currently just have a sample of this one and this has made a difference for me! Sometimes certain foods can really upset my stomach. I had a bad episode the other night and I remembered that I had this. I rubbed it in my belly and I noticed the episode didn’t last as long as it does usually. I’ll be investing in some more soon.

Wonderful Pain Relief

This cream has made my knee pain from arthritis tolerable. I'm facing knee replacement surgery which I would like to put off for a while. If this cream keeps doing it's job, it may be a long time before my knees are replaced.

Multiple areas

I purchased the She salve because it has Neroli oil in it. I read where Neroli oil is good for scars and I just had total knee replacement. So I’m putting it on my scar (along with Frankincense). But I also started using it on my face. My skin looks smoother to me after applying it. I’m anxious to see what continued use will do for me!

Love Patchouli...

I combined patchouli with grapefruit and lime. Smells so fresh

Wild Orange I Think I Love You

What a yum yum fragrance!! It just does it all for a pick me up good mood attitude adjustment and everything in between! I tried the DIY Sweater Weather blend and wowza—it’s awesome! I sure hope you’re subscribed to the CW emails so you can get all the cool tricks and treats, too!

Oh! And Wild Orange is also Ah.Maz.Ing in an almond shortbread cookie recipe (bc it’s dietary standard, thank you very much CW, you rock!!).

I love it !!!

Orégano Blemish Salve

Excelent salve, it diminish the infection of blemish ASAP, it’s magic.

Works great on my thyroid

Discovers this a year ago and have been using it since to keep my numbers good. I love it!

Very nice


I was amazed at the speed my headache disappeared after rubbing my forehead with Cannabis Sativa salve. It was instant. I've also used it on my foot that I had broken. This salve is amazing. I have used other Cannabis oil but this is the first cannabis product to actually work!

Lemongrass Salve

We will always keep lemongrass on hand! I bought this salve for my husband's feet. He had pain from running but I bought it hoping it would help the smell of his feet. He always wears clean socks and washes his feet daily but the smell at the end of the day would run you out of the house. After just a few days no more smell!! None!! Both he and I were amazed at how well it worked. He ran out and didn't reorder thinking he might not need it anymore. Nope... he was calling me to order more because it has made such a big difference for his feet. Now to get it on my boys feet!


I role this on my chest when I am feeling extremely stressed or have a meeting that I am not thrilled to attend.

I am so obsessed with your salves! But the LLP has to be my favorite every day go to.

Sleeping So Much Better

I combine this Frankincense Salve with the Dreamy Sleep Salve on the bottom of my feet before going to bed while I have Frankincense and Lavender in my diffuser and this combination has me sleeping through the night for the past two weeks - a new record!

Natural Health

The thought of natural ingredients is so apealing in this day and age. Everything feels wonderful. The free samples are great.

Dreamy Sleep Salve does not dissapoint!

I have been using this for the last few weeks and can honestly say it is amazing! I may feel wide awake and concerned it will take longer to wind down and fall asleep, and then I'm out!

Greatness in a jar!

This salve is a blessing! Fall in Ky is beautiful. Living on a farm it is packed with cutting hay, harvesting corn, soybeans and silage. With so much going on, allergies are awful. I keep this handy for instant easier breathing! All natural too!

Immunity impact

We love this!


Great blend! Arrived just in time for flu season!

Your journey to plant based wellness begins here! #juststart

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