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Take Alongs

Great to take along with you on vacation. They are the perfect size.

Sunburn Salve
Valerie Freeman
Best sunburn relief!!!

I love CW sunburn salve! It brings relief, helps keep from peeling and it smells good!

Nancy Christiansen
my go to

I use frankincense for everything.

Best Ever!

Not all Rosehip Seed Oils are created with as much care as Camp Wander's. You can see the quality of this oil in the richness of it's color, in the slowness, the thickness of the oil as it drops into your hand, and the way it feels on your skin. I have tried others and there is just no comparison. I use this every morning on my face, neck and my skin drinks it in. I follow up with a very warm washcloth on my face, then wash off any impurities - the sleepies from my eyes. It leaves my skin soft and plump, moisturized. I am a huge fan!

Frankincense & Myrrh Salve

Healthy Mouth

Oil pulling is very healthy not only for your mouth. When you are healing your mouth, it also heals your body.

Rose Cream
Linda Moore

I was in the hospital for 17 days. It was a life saver for my face, my lips. My roseca has even cleared up. I was very sick, but everyone commented on how could my skin look. I’ll never be with out it

CBD cream

I bought this for my husband who has osteoarthritis in his hip. I am applying it along with the cannabis sativa and it is working!!!! He isn’t experiencing any pain when combining these two salves.

Smells wonderful

I purchased this as a gift and I haven’t used it or sent to my sister in law. She had a fall and I think she should have this on hand. She is a an active 70’s and doesn’t need any thing to slow her down. She enjoys the oils that I have sent her. We love all of the Camp Wonder products that we have.

Lavender Heals

This healing stick really rocks! I love lavender’s scent and healing benefits!

Works & smells great!

Dreamy Sleep Salve
Deanna Kobylarz
Restless Legs and Nocturnal Calf Cramps

I have leaning on Dreamy Sleep Salve for those nights when I cannot calm my mind and body to drift off to sleep for several years. It truly is Dreamy! However, I have no explanation how or why it works but IT HELPS tremendously for my nocturnal calf crazies. Before I applied to the bottom of my feet to drift off to dreamland. Lately I’ve had a bout with leg cramps in the middle of the night. I tend to stretch a lot in my sleep. Then Bazinga… the nasty leg cramp! One night I thought I would apply Dreamy Sleep to my calve muscles and holy cow… relief. Now it is a bedtime prevention ritual. Bonus: I have the such moisturized legs. Love you Camp Wander!

Equilibrium works!

Just as described, Equilibrium definitely has a good effect when used on the mastoid bone behind the ear. The ache or nerve pain I sometimes get generating from that area is almost immediately halted. What a relief. And it lasts for hours and hours. Thank you Camp Wander for another great product to enhance my health and comfort.

Carleen Buechle

I love all the products I get from Camp Wander.

Never want to be without it!

I use this salve on everything from bug bites to bruises, scrapes to burns. Love all the products from this company!


Great for helping clear the stuffiness from seasonal allergies.

Hopeful this is helping

Haven't used it a lot, but it seems to be helping my sciatic nerve pain some at night.

Pam M
Settles stomach

I'm not wild about the flavor, BUT, it does take care of minor stomach aches. I add 1 - 2 drops to a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of honey. Works every time!


This oil is my life saver, temperatures are very high and of course the sweating. I combine Lavender along with patchouli with arrowroot in a blender. I could say good bye to the heat. The smells of both oils are incredible fresh.


Increíble smell just a few drops on my diffuser and let the magic begins. Peaceful home, clean smell. I added two drops to my laundry last spinning blanket are just amazingly clean.

Pain releif

I am ver happy that the pain sticks are back! My knees thank you for this wonderful product. As a nurse working 12 hr shifts, I keep this product with me. I use it on my feet and knees, such relief from soreness and discomfort. Thank you, thank you.

Nerve Pain & Block Salve
Debbie Fitzgerald

Love this blend 😁

Jeddy's Blend
Brenda E
Jeddy’s for the win!

Good effective stuff right here. Have used this for a few years now. Calms me down when I’m in A-Fib

Nerve Pain & Block Salve
Michelle Schaaf
Nerve and Pain Salve

Purchased this for my father who experiences neuropathy in his feet. After one week, he is having relief! Thank you 😊

Not quite strong enough for me

I love using essential oils and natural products. The smell is mild but I find I must use more than a couple of sprays and it only lasts for several hours. Might not work for everyone’s body chemistry.