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Gayann Guillory

This is the second time to order the LEMON essential oil. couple drops on my rag to polish my furniture and in my dishwater it’s very refreshing

Handy Hand Sanitizer!

Camp Wander 12 Color Spray Tops for 10ml Roller Bottle Vials are very handy for making personal size hand sanitizer for myself & family members. So convenient!

Sharon Vaughn
You Need Geranium Oil

Geranium oil is a wonderful multi purpose oil. I add a drop to my Vitamin C face oil morning and night after I have sprayed my face with the rose spritz, another great product. It’s wonderful for your shin. Smells awesome too.

CBD Complete
Laurie Trautwein

CBD Complete

Pocket Breathe Jars

These are really lovely as well as incredibly functional! So glad I invested.

Clary Sage (hand crushed)
Gayann Guillory
Clary sage

It’s was ok.. i enjoyed mixing with lemon and lavender.

Amazing Salve

I'm 75 and still work part time retail. Yesterday I stood 5 hours on a concrete floor. By the time I returned home I was limping. My feet hurt, my legs hurt. I remembered a sample of Fascia I had. I slathered it on feet and legs. Within 10 minutes my level of pain went from a 10 to a 2. I reapplied a half and hour later. I was pain free. This salve is a keeper. On payday, A full size is going in my cart

Emu Oil
cyndy carter

Emu Oil

Great product

Got this for my lady and she loves it. Another great product from CE

Dreamy Sleep Salve
Michelle G.
Absolutely Dreamy!

Love the smell of this dreamy salve. Nothing disturbs my sleep when I put this on bottom of my feet. Best sleep I have ever had.

Digest Ease

I used it faithfully for several days and was going to slowly decrease the Nexium. I had decreased from 2 to 1, then did not used it for a couple days f days. Last night the GERD was bad, which reminded me. I put the oil on last night and have had no reflux this morning. My goal is to replace the Nexium with the oil completely. Towards that end, I plan to apply it twice a day. Remind me to update you as I won’t remember.

It’s a must!

Dirty Carrier Salve is a very versatile base. You can add any essential oil to it and it is so easy just to slather on the area that needs it most. The Frankincense just enhances the power of whatever oil you are using.

CBD+ cream

CBD+ works very well on my back and leg pain. And the lavender oil calms me so I can sleep. Will buy again.

Allergy Ease Blend
Kelly Amanda

I have developed a skin allergy that I haven’t been to the doctor about yet, but started using Allergy Ease Blend in my Cerave moisturizer and it is really helping to cut down on the itch.

Great relief!!

Digest Ease Salve works wonders for constipation & it's abdominal cramping, for gas pains as well as tummy upset for our whole family! So easy & safe to use. We are never without this salve. 💗💗
I Love all of Camp Wander's high quality, trustworthy EO salves & oils.
Thank you, Rebecca for your dedication to providing all of us with superior EO products & for sharing freely about using them. You Rock!!

Equilibrium Blend
Kelly Amanda

I am using this to help with lowering my blood pressure. I believe it is working! I waited to review until I had used it for a couple of weeks and so far it seems to be helping. I put it on AM & PM.


Works very good on my foot pain

Oregano Salve
Karen Hammond
It saved me from myself!

I was using oregano oil mixed into a carrier oil for a skin infection, but I got tired of mixing the two and it wasn’t healing fast enough for me so I used the oregano neat. I know, I know. Bad idea. Terrible decision. I had a nasty burn that peeled off deep layers of skin. I immediately ordered the oregano salve and used it to finish clearing up the infection without risking making any other poor choices. It saved me from myself!

Fascia Ease

After a kneecap fracture and thigh muscle injury I was struggling with significant fibrosis and was unable to regain motion and flexibility. Using fascia ease 2-3x per day has helped loosen the muscles and regain function in my leg.

Karen Hammond
Oregano salve for the win!

I had a skin infection and was using oregano EO mixed with coconut oil at first. Didn’t use enough carrier oil one time and seriously burned my skin. While letting it heal I ordered CW oregano salve. No harm my skin and the infection is totally cleared up.

Works great!

It takes a while to get used to the feeling of melting oil in your mouth, but you feel great when it’s finished!

Ultimate Relief

This salve is healing whether you use it plain or add essentials oils to it. It is easy to apply, gentle on the skin & absorbs easily. I bought this jar for a friend going thru radiation to keep her radiation area soft & quickly healed.

First order

This is the first time using the products
So far very pleased with the results .
Will be ordering more items!

Allergy ease

Great product love all my camp wander.

Edris Valdez
Knee Replacement Surgery Gone wrong

had knee replacement surglery in August and the doctor broke my femur in 2 places and tibia in 3 and fracticed it in a fourth. Niece recommended using Frankincense to quick healing. If hellped on the scare but 6 months later I am still experience pain on the thigh. Using the Frankincense has really minimized the pain. Told friends I found a 2,000 year old remedy that works better than the usual over the counter pain relievers. Thanks Camp Wander.