Geranium - Pelargonium graveolens essential oil is an all time favorite of mine! I consider Geranium a necessity in my skincare routine yet I respect the fact that this essential oil has so much more going for it than just surface appeal.

Geranium promotes a clear complexion for both young and mature skin, it's a wonderful essential oil to add to an oil cleansing routine, just one drop with organic Rosehip Seed Oil is a fantastic skincare routine for problem skin and redness (see blog post). If the aroma of geranium is too much for you, blend it with Lavender for a rose-like fragrance or, use Geranium Essential Oil Salve for all the benefits and more but with a mellowed fragrance from the blended coconut oil and beeswax.

More Geranium highlights:

  • Improves circulation - beneficial for the elderly, heals bruised thin skin beautifully, non-sensitizing
  • Eases the effects of menopause - diffuse with Black Spruce for sanity!
  • Improves dental health - add a drop of Geranium and Clove Bud to oil pulling or, your DIY toothpaste
  • Reduces blood pressure - massage Geranium and Coriander with a little CW Naked Salve on the soles of feet daily.

Dietary Standard

Lucky you! Should this CW product be on back order, we should have it shipped to you within 4-5 days.

Size and Origin

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Origin - Madagascar

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely smell. Just receiving this oil and I know it will deliver

This was a Reorder-

I use geranium for kidding season ( birthing baby goats), I keep my kit well stocked especially with a barn full of dairy goat mamas. I can safely use the eos with having side effects for the babies and there is no withdrawl period so i can continue using the milk.

Geranium is a staple for me

I absolutely love geranium oil. I use it every chance I get. I have tried all of the competitors and I have to say that CWs smells like the real thing! Love it. I splurged and it's a committed part of my skin care ritual.

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