Turmeric & Black Pepper Blend

Turmeric + Black Pepper essential oil blend has quickly become a favorite of the CW crew for joint discomfort and more.

NOTE: Turmeric CO2 is as yellow as the spice, we highly recommend blending with a carrier oil for quick absorption.

Dietary standard

  • pure therapeutic Turmeric CO2 
  • pure therapeutic Black Pepper

10 ml 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Renee Johnson
Turmeric blend

I put this on my wrists and my hands as it helps my pains that I have.
I take Turmeric internally as well, so this is an added bonus for me.

Mickey Cole
Love anything Turmeric

I use about 3 drops in a small amount of water every day. It helps with all pain, stiffness, lasts longer and more effective then OTC turmeric supplements.

Jennifer Ansami

This blend is phenomenal.

R Reed

Turmeric & Black Pepper Blend

Laurie Gratz
Love it!

My friend sent this to me to try along with some rosehip seed oil (I hadn't used any EO's before and was skeptical) I love it. My husband loves it. I have been getting over sciatica (1 year now and it's finally going away) and this does just enough to help me sleep well to help my body heal. My husband has used it for his plantar fasciitis.
I will say though, you will smell like pepper. It's not super strong, but definitely there.
Thank you for this product.

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