Turmeric & Black Pepper Blend

NOW Also available in a KIT that includes 10 ml essential oil blend + 10 ml organic rosehip seed oil + a 10 ml blending roller bottle.

Our anti-inflammatory power blend Turmeric + Black Pepper, for increased bioavailability, has quickly become a favorite of the CW crew for pain, joint discomfort and more.

NOTE: Turmeric CO2 is as yellow as the spice, we highly recommend blending with a carrier oil for quick absorption. Our latest blend comes packaged with 10 ml of CW Organic Rosehip Seed Oil and a 5 ml roller bottle for your convenience.

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!


10 ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

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Turmeric and Black Pepper Blend

I am very happy with the turmeric and black pepper blend. I only purchase from Rebecca since I know she uses the highest quality products. I use this particular blend as a preventative, and for the benefits.

Really effective

I use this oil with the Sativa salve when my shoulders bother me and get relief within 10 minutes. Great combo!

This stuff works

I am a retiree that went back to work part time. Im a cashier and now physical. My shoulder gets ouchy at the end of the day and this blend on a roller bottle settles the shoulder ouchies. I love it, I carry it with me all the time. Thanks Rebecca and crew. This is a winner!

It works!

I bought this to keep on hand, as I had no immediate need. I have since strained my lower back lifting a case of bottled water out of the car. Since I had moved it 4 times prior, this last time was the proverbial straw that broke my back! I used the T & BP via roll-on and wow did it help! I was able to keep moving and the stinging pain was greatly reduced. I also used it before bed along with Copaiba salve and the next day I had no issues at all - just some slight residual soreness. I used the T & BP for 2 days and I am pain free!


I am always pleased with your products and service! I don't want to ever be without my go to EOs!

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